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Will the First Human on Mars Be a Woman?

If this happens, The Lady Astronaut series will suddenly become historically incorrect....


Wow! weirdness and light this week in the news: plastic army women, Einstein up-ended, bra makers made spacesuits and if that isn't weird enough, Cthulhu is picking a fight with Stephen King! Read on!

NASA Plans to Develop Mars Drone at Arctic Research Base

NASA plans on testing some flying machines in the most Martian landscape on Earth. Care to guess where?

Giant Ice Blades Found on Pluto – NASA

NASA believes it may have an explanation for the strange formations resembling giant blades of ice on Pluto.

A Human Base Camp on Mars by 2033!

NASA (and Lockheed Martin?) plan to have humans on Mars by 2033.

AMAZING NEWS: 9-24-2017

Mars flyer, rocket explosions, spiral galaxies, Hard SF stats, Heliosphere, GRRM and more

Cassini’s Grand Finale

Bye Bye Cassini! You did GREAT! Thanks for not contaminating Enceladus!

The One

Is the multiverse a pleasant concept for science fiction authors to play with, or does it really exist? The truth is out there...

Congressional Funding for NASA in 2017 (Not half bad – who...

Congress unanimously approved NASA's 2017 budget. Considering the anti-science bias in this Congress, this one is a pleasant surprise (with one glaring exception).


Steve time travels (again?) back to 1961 with the review of the movie “Hidden Figures” and finds it more than good. Possibly his fave movie so far this year!

“5079: archivos secretos”: un escape al futuro de la humanidad

Augusto Rodríguez' 5079: Secret Files is a novel told in fragments of documents, both official and secret, that tell the story of a migration from Earth to save humanity.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

The ambitious mission of the James Webb Space Telescope is "to see the first light of the universe”.

Blueprint for a Battlestar by Rod Pyle

Blueprint for a Battlestar by Rod Pyle will take readers on a fact finding mission where the science is explained and the fiction just may become reality.

Is This How Dinosaurs Felt?

Worried that an asteroid will hit the Earth? As Andrew Weston reports, NASA has some good news and some bad news on the subject of a near earth object called Bennu.

MARS: FRIEND OR FOE? (Two Retro Movie Reviews)

Mars! Huh! What is it good for? (Absolutely nothing!) Steve reviews two old movies and offers a caution for Aries-ophiles.

Asni’s Art Blog: International Space Station

It is time I picked up the thread of my series on art inspired by real existing space exploration.

Amazing News 4/17/16

Even if you have a stick, this is too much news to shake it at!

The Apollo 1 Fire: Astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee

Astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee were American heroes destined to go to the Moon. Unfortunately, neither of them made it.

Asni’s Art Blog: Astronaut / Cosmonaut

A whole difference in cultural outlook, summed up in a slight difference in terminology.

My Favorite Martian

Mark Watney is not the first human to have been stranded on Mars.

Citizens of the Solar System: 50 Years On and We’re STILL...

We've been sending humans into near-Earth orbit for over 50 years now. Can't we just move on?

MARS! And Some Reviews…      

This week, Steve visits Mars (really! Sort of...) and reviews a new book and an overlooked movie from 2014. Check it out!

Proof Science Fiction is Real

Forget UFOs. Science Fiction IS REAL.

R is for Rocket by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury’s R is for Rocket is a welcomed perspective of future space travel from years past. Because just like NASA’s Orion test launch, space matters.

Amazingly Enough: Lost And Found – Russian Space Dogs

Space Dogs of the USSR


Brianna Wu's stand for women in gamine is prominent throughout the media - genre AND mainstream

Lagrangian Points – In Reality and Fiction (Part 2)

After having examined Lagrangian points in science, I would like to offer here some thoughts about their possible uses - in fiction and in...

Mars for Sale

A sales pitch from the not too distant future

Lagrangian Points – In Reality and Fiction (Part 1)

Lagrangian points are well known to anybody interested in astronomy or astrophysics. But even if you are not into the science part of SF, chances are...

Star Wars and Space Problems

Do you remember a very famous quote from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker Guide of the Galaxy about dimensions in space? “Space is big. Really...