AMAZING NEWS: Post Black History Month Edition 3/3/24

In honor of the just passed Black History Month:  a list of Black Genre Fiction

Amazing People News:

David Langford publishes the March, 2024 issue of Ansible

Borys Sydiuk, our Fan in Ukraine, reports on a writer’s workshop

Milton Davis has pro status at San Diego Comic Con and Wonder Con 2024.  Now he has to register… and Milton Davis AT a Con

Cory Doctorow opines on Vice

Matt Hughes announces 100th short fiction sale

Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki announces second book contract of 2024

Glynn Owen Barrass sells Fire in the Sky to Weird Fiction Quarterly

Annie’s Books Interviews Tom Easton and Frank Wu on ESPionage: Regime Change

Rob Caswell shares some Known Space art

The Unknown Painter, a story by Henry Lion Oldie and translated by Alex Shvartsman, is a BSFA Award nominee

Gary Farber shares a NYT’s gift article, revealing that the publishing industry is still majority white

Paul Di Filippo sells a new Ribofunk story to Analog

February may have been Black History Month, but March is Black Science Fiction Month

A longish take on Gene Wolf, brought to our attention by Gary Farber

Paul Di Filippo shares news of the solar system from Mad Magazine, 1957

Al Sirois has been nominated as a “Favorite Artist” for the Sequential Magazine Awards

Amazing News

Game of Thrones & House of the Dragon bling

Villineuve & Chalamet talke Dune (not Chakobsa – its in English)

About the making of The Last of Us Part II

R.F. Kuang’s Babel optioned for film

The Rise of the Unoriginal Hollywood Movie (with graph)

Nicholas Kaufman and Dave Wellington interviewed about their new horror podcast The Spooky Science Lab

More Human “Impact” of the Space Environment:  NASA’s DART mission altered Dimorphos in unexpected ways

Dune:  How did we get here?  The origins of the novel

Are the Dune movies true to the book?

Hexagon Speculative Fiction is eligible for the Prix Aurora award

Just what we needed to hear:  Machinegun-armed Robodogs are more accurate than human snipers

An effective visual depiction of the difference between literature and film

Tianwen Industrialized  Science Fiction:  The Prequel

Corporate sponsorship of Fan events is starting to cause ripples

New Deep Sea Discoveries

Book Banners in Florida are painting clothes onto cartoon characters in children’s books.  MADNESS  (better get that bunny out of that dress and get some pants on that pig!)

“Scar Star”:  Dead star consumer metal planet that leaves a scar

The latest issue of the rebooted IF magazine can now be downloaded

3 New Moons  discovered orbiting Neptune and Uranus

Dream Foundry reports in their latest newsletter that Con or Bust needs funding

A nifty production still from This Island Earth

Break a Leg!  New photos of Odysseus lander

Fungus is working its way up the food chain – human infection with cordyceps isn’t far behind….(A frog was discovered in India hosting a mushroom)

Get Your Book Festivals Here:  Online listing of book fests

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