Paul Di Filippo


This week Steve reviews the November-December issue of F&SF. It’s also the second-to-last issue that will be edited by C.C. Finlay, who wants to return to writing. It’s a fine issue to end the year on!


Steve reviews the May-June issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and finds that it holds treasures for the readers of both science fiction and fantasy!

Review: Paradox, edited by Ian Whates

Paradox, edited by Ian Whates and published by Newcon Press, is a collection of new stories exploring aspects of the Fermi Paradox. It features stories by Rachel Armstrong, Keith Brooke & Eric Brown, Pat Cadigan, David L. Clements, Paul Cornell, Paul di Filippo, Robert Reed, Mike Resnick & Robert T. Jeschoenek, Mercurio D Rivera, Adam Roberts, Stephanie Saulter, Tricia Sullivan, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Gerry Webb and George Zebrowski.

FRACTAL: Universo futurista en expansión desde Medellín

Aunque los organizadores del Encuentro Fractal han querido desvincular la razón de su evento al mundo de la ciencia ficción, solo en un lugar como este evento en Medellín pueden darse cita autores como James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel, Kij Johnson, Paul Di Filippo, Eduardo Carletti, junto a innovadores tecnológicos como James Alliban, Keiichi Matsuda, […]