Short and Sweet – our Fifth Issue

You REALLY need to check out our fifth issue, Volume 77, Number 1, Fall 2019.

When was the last time you read a science fiction magazine with full-color interiors?

Or one that had illustrations disbursed throughout a story?

Or one with so many top-flight authors all in one place?

Or one with fabulous artwork throughout?  (Every story has a full-page title illustration.)

Or one with large, easy to read print?

Or one with a great, eye-pleasing layout?

It’s actually printing now with a Vincent Di Fate cover, fiction by –

S.P. Somtow – R.S. Belcher – Liz Westbrook-Trenholm – T.B. Jeremiah –  Bud Sparhawk – Wendy Nikel – Matthew Hughes – Sandra Kasturi – Shirley Meier – Jack McDevitt – Sally McBride – S.L. Saboviec –               Paul Levinson – Amber Royer – Adam-Troy Castro – Dave Creek –          Jack Clemons – Paul Di Filippo – Lawrence Watt-Evans

and artwork by –

Vincent Di Fate – Matt Taggart – Jon Eno – Tom Miller – Anton Oxenuk – Igor Avdeev – Phil Foglio & Cheyenne Wright – Chukwudi Nwaefulu – Amanda Makepeace – Roberto Armos – Renan Boe – Melisa Des Rosiers – Lianna Ribeiro – Richard Mandrachio, Bob Foster – M.D. Jackson –     Olivia Beelby – Ron Miller – Derek Whitaker – Anthony Rhodes

As others have said: What. A. Lineup!

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