Amazing Stories Fall 2019 Issue (the 1st Anniversary issue) Needs a Second Printing

Volume 77 No 1

For the first time in our year and a quarter run of Amazing Stories, we’ve had to order a second printing!

We all know we’re not talking about millions of copies here, but this is a milestone:  for the first time, orders and promotional needs have exceeded our estimates, and that’s pretty cool.

We do not anticipate any significant delays in fulfilling subscriptions or other orders.

And we certainly hope that we continue to have to deal with this issue moving forward!

To order your copy (and maybe force us into a THIRD printing) visit our store

Amazing Stories has published fiction, non-fiction and poetry by –

R. S. Belcher, Marie Bilodeau, Clara Blackwood, Ricky Brown, Elsa M. Carruthers, Adam-Troy Castro, Noah Chinn, Jack Clemons, Dave Creek, Marc A. Criley, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Julie Czerneda, Gary Dalkin, Paul Di Filippo, Roger Dutcher, Steve Fahnestalk, Jen Frankel, David Gerrold, Tanya Karen Gough, Sean Grigsby, Neal Holtschulte, Tyler Hagemann, G. Scott Huggins, Matthew Hughes, Kameron Hurley, Tatiana Ivanova, T. B. Jeremiah, Sandra Kasturi, Valerie Chantal Kaelin, Daniel M. Kimmel, Kathy Kitts, Mary Soon Lee, Paul Levinson, Francine P Lewis, Marina J Lostetter, Sally McBride, Jack McDevitt, Shirley Meier, Joanna Miles, M. J. Moores, Lena Ng, Wendy Nikel, Julie Novakova, Uche Ogbuji, Brad Preslar, Brian Rappatta, Amber Royer, Rudy Rucker, S. L. Saboviec, Darrell Schweitzer, Veronica Scott, Robert Silverberg, Cathy Smith, Rosemary Claire Smith, S. P. Somtow, Bud Sparhawk, Allen Steele, Jerri Hardesty, Drew Hayden Taylor, Matthew Timmins, R. Gene Turchin, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Liz Westbrook-Trenholm,

and published artwork by –

Austeja, Roberto Armas, Igor Avdeev, Tom Barber, Olivia Beelby, Renan Boe, Sean Chappell, Melisa Des Rosier, Vincent Di Fate, Phil Foglio, Wojciech Dudzinski, Jon Eno, Brad Foster, J.M. Frey, Gil Geolingo, Paolo Giari, John Grant, David Hardy, HMW, M.D. Jackson, Ngoc Lam, Amanda Makepeace, Richard Mandrachio, Britt Martin, Yoko Matsuoka, Ron Miller, Tom Miller, Ivan Montoya, Nizar, Chukwudi Nwaefulu, Anton Oxenuk, Olena Perekhrystiuk, Anthony Rhodes, Lianna Ribeiro, Armas Roberto, Tony Sart, Pratap Sharma, Dan Simon, Al Sirois, Steve Stiles, Matt Taggart, Tais Teng, Derek Whitaker, Cheyenne Wright.

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