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New #Sci-Fi #Romance Release: INTERSTELLAR PLAGUE by Veronica Scott

Veronica announces her latest release

8 SF&F Books by Black Authors + Further Recommendations

A starting list for engaging with Black SF&F authors

Which Character Do Readers Ask Me To Write for?

I have to wait until the right story occurs to me or strikes my fancy

One Track Mind for Writing Tools and Apps

Tools and Apps beyond the keyboard

Writing Is Like Polishing an Uncut Gem

Metaphors for adding new material into a work in progress

Let’s Make My Science Fiction Rock Star Romance into a Musical!

"I wish I were a fireball...Romantic Musicals in space

Why Independent Publishing Works For Me

I’m intensely grateful for this opportunity to write and sell my books now and for me, indie publishing is the way to go.

Voracious Reader Here, A Consumer of Books

Do you set aside time for it each day? How do you decide what to read next?

Author Finances – From Gold Rush to Tidal Wave to Steady...

How do you budget on the un-even income of a writer?

Tropes Are Like A Box of Chocolates

Tropes. Can't live without them, can't kill them.

My Portals to Escapism

Books, comics, games, television: There's so much to do during lockdown, you may be paralyzed by choice

Murder Mysteries of All Types From SF to PNR To While...

Murder mysteries. Perhaps reading or watching one can sublimate your desire to commit the real act

Fishboning Clears Story Tangles For Me

Our topic at the SFF Seven this week is: "The most difficult scene you ever wrote and why." If I have a scene that for...

Lack of Trust Isn’t the Issue

Who should be on your reading team?

Salute to My Cover Artist Fiona Jayde

Our theme this week is a shout out to the non-author creatives we collaborate with, or who enrich our lives. I'm going to keep...

Galactic Civilization Hums Away in the Background in My Novels

DepositPhoto   This week at the SFF Seven, we're asking:  How do you decide your world's structure of authority and/or governance? The first thing to remember about me...

Working Hard Not To Be Repetitious As An Author

Are you a "Groundhog Day" writer?

Talking About the New Coronavirus

Taking a break from the usual romance...

10 Quotes About Reading

Quotes about reading. Ursula Le Guin's is pretty cool.

There Was An Actual Well

what do you do to nourish your creative self

My List of Top 10 Impactful #SciFi Romance Covers of 2019

The top SFR covers of 2019

A Fantasy Winter Holiday and Cinderella Fairy Tale Theme All in...

On the creation of fictional holidays - with an excerpt

My Thanks to You!

The series that's donating big to Hero Dogs

Author Cynthia Sax Discusses Cyborgs and Science Fiction Romance

Cyborgs appeal, especially on Cyborg Monday. Find out why in this interview with the "Mistress" of Cyborg Romance, Cynthia Sax

Six Quick Points of Advice on Being an Author

Never engage with reviewers, especially over a negative review.

I Write Disasters On Purpose

I enjoy showing the growth of the relationship between my hero and heroine as they’re thrown together by the circumstances and come to respect each other’s skills and personality as they fight shoulder to shoulder

My 5 Principles for Writing in 3 Genres

Five rules for three genres

Visit to a Dead Science Fiction Project

Even abandoned projects can provide grist for the new story mill

Care and Feeding of the Author in the House

Writing is all about finding a balance...like that guy who used to twirl the plates on the Sullivan Show