File 770 Reports on Puppies Whining Over SFWA Support for BLM

Puppy wannabes are back with their own special take on the George Floyd protests

Not-so-still Life: Writing from an Inanimate Object’s Point of View

We know that the dish ran away with the spoon, but who knows what untold, breathtaking adventures they had

Infringement Alert – “National Emergency Library”

"Emergency Library" creates an emergency of infringement.

Donate the Help Members of Science Fiction and FantasyWriters of America...

Donate to help out the folks what bring you great stuff!

SPACE: Ice on Mercury?

Years from now we'll discover that there is ice everywhere in the solar system

Salute to My Cover Artist Fiona Jayde

Our theme this week is a shout out to the non-author creatives we collaborate with, or who enrich our lives. I'm going to keep...

Galactic Civilization Hums Away in the Background in My Novels

DepositPhoto   This week at the SFF Seven, we're asking:  How do you decide your world's structure of authority and/or governance? The first thing to remember about me...

SPACE: Has Life From Earth Already Gone to the Stars?

It's called Panspermia and it's not a new theory

In the Comics, X-Men Are Appearing On Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race is canon in the Marvel universe...

Working Hard Not To Be Repetitious As An Author

Are you a "Groundhog Day" writer?

Happy Hanukah from the ISS

Hanukah socks help astronaut Jessica Meier get into the holiday spirit

John Crowley’s Reading Backwards Offers More Than a Decade of Brilliance

.Brilliance of Decade a Than More Offers Backwards Reading Crowley's John .excerpt this for begged headline The Sorry.

“Steve” Gets a Documentary

It's a part-time job.
Terror in Time

REVIEW: Terror in Time: A Collection of Eerie Tales, by Melodie...

Nine scary tales but like all things that go bump in the night some were chilling and some heartbreaking and some, well some too close to reality.

The Online Campaign Corner/ The Astronauts Chosen: Changing of The...

With a world in complete chaos new heroes must arise from the ashes that were once humanity.

SPACE: Neptune’s Moons Locked in a Strange Dance

Thalass and Naiad do the Dance of Avoidance

SPACE: Meet Arrokoth, the Most Distant Object Ever Explored

Most distant solar system object has a new name

Best New Science Fiction Books in December 2018

Welcome to the infamous interstellar shopping extravaganza of the Trade Pact known as Plexis Supermarket! in an anthology edited by one of our magazine contributors, Julie Czerneda

Worth Fighting For: The Killing Light by Myke Cole

In this final volume of his epic fantasy trilogy, Cole brings us a story that simultaneously celebrates the elements of grimdark fiction that were a staple of fantasy in the early 2000s, while also working to interrogate them rigorously.

Is the Universe a Loop?

Boy will they be surprised when they discover that the universe isn't curved - it's a Moebius Strip!

Visit to a Dead Science Fiction Project

Even abandoned projects can provide grist for the new story mill

SFWA Contracts Committee Advisory on No-advance Contracts

WANAL, but SFWA offers some suggestions regarding no-advance contract

In Today’s Robot News…

For some reason, the marching Spots is reminiscent of the marching mops from Disney's Fantasia
Starship MK1 - SpaceX

SPACE: NASA is Mad at Elon Musk

Could this be the beginning of a rift between government and private space enterprise?

Research Was My Key to Writing the Fight Scenes

It's a knife fight in the world of science fiction romance!

SPACE: Three Black Holes Are About to Collide

Three black, click, click

Autumnal Book Guide: 16 Best Fall 2019 Reads

Den of Geek recommends a handful of new books for your fall reading pleasure

7 Things to Avoid When Trying to Meet a Writing Deadline

THE list of things you MUST avoid if you want to finish a project on time

Clay McLeod Chapman’s top 5 horror film remakes

What makes a good remake? Opinions vary...