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“Steve” Gets a Documentary

It's a part-time job.

Looking for Bigfoot

Investigating cryptocurrency might be more profitable than investigating cryptozoology

Merriam-Webster’s 2019 Word Of The Year Is “They”

They is Word of the Year

FILM: New Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer: Drag Queen Kicks and A...

Wonder Woman is back...in 1984

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Water Bears

So far as we know, they can't be used for FTL travel

STAR WARS: JJ Abrams: LGBTQ+ Fans Will Be Satisfied, But No...

Shouldn't that headling be "Noe Finn-Poe"?
Terror in Time

REVIEW: Terror in Time: A Collection of Eerie Tales, by Melodie...

Nine scary tales but like all things that go bump in the night some were chilling and some heartbreaking and some, well some too close to reality.

SPACE: Are Stars Throwing Comets At Us?

We've now identified three intersteallar visitors...and there are billions of comets in the Oort Cloud. Could it be that most of them are from other stars?

REVIEW: T.A.D. The Angel of Death, by M.D. Neu

nothing is simple when you’re dealing with a former Angel of Death and a Drag Queen

SPACE: There’s a Secret Russian Satellite

Spy Sats update

SPACE: What Does It Take to Be a Moon?

The IAU has no formal definition. What. A. Scandal.

RNA in Spaaaaace… ?

The find gives fresh fuel to the idea that the essential building blocks of life on Earth were forged in space, before crash-landing on our young planet billions of years ago

SPACE: Neptune’s Moons Locked in a Strange Dance

Thalass and Naiad do the Dance of Avoidance

Was Same Sex Behavior Hardwired Into Animals Since the Beginning?

Is same-sex sex an evolutionary development, or has it always been there?

SPACE: Meet Arrokoth, the Most Distant Object Ever Explored

Most distant solar system object has a new name

SPACE: Could “Water Bear” DNA Help Us Survive on Mars?

If we co-opt Tardigrade DNA, will we be able to travel faster than light?

REVIEW: Spark in the Stars, by Foster Bridget Cassidy

A case of mistaken identity could lead to love for an aloof starship captain and a brilliant if underappreciated mechanic from the sticks—if they can survive the dangerous mission assigned to them.

NASA Spacecraft Poised to Find Thousands of Alien Worlds

TESS takes to the skies to survey likely habitable worlds

Is the Universe a Loop?

Boy will they be surprised when they discover that the universe isn't curved - it's a Moebius Strip!

FOR READERS: Too Much Sex?

Join the discussion: too much sex in spec fic? There was a time when we were talking about there not being enough....

Are Conscious Computers Impossible?

Digital computers - most likely not. But Quantum computers...maybe.
Ownvoices - lesbian

#OWNVOICES: Lesbian Authors

Queer SF launches #OwnVoices, featuring authors who don't always get the attention the ought to, kicking off with lesbain authors and characters in speculative fiction/

Why We Love Blood-Curdling Screams

Screams: primordial vocabulary

SPACE: Are We Being Watched By An Alien Satellite? Probably Not....

Amazing Stories strongly recommends that you consult your local psychic on this subject
Blanche - Pokémon Go

Video games: Pokémon Go May Have Its First Non-Binary Character

Inclusivity comes to Pokemon World, begging the question - how does Pikachupacabra identify?

Will the First Human on Mars Be a Woman?

If this happens, The Lady Astronaut series will suddenly become historically incorrect....

Meat… in… Space!

Israeli company successfully grows lab meat aboard the ISS. Does that mean the ISS is keeping Kosher?
climate change - pixabay

CLIMATE CHANGE: Antarctica, World Map; Ozone; Birds; & More

Climate change is happening faster and expressing itself in more ways than you might know

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Trans Space Octopus Congregation, by Bogi Takács

Cephalopods build alliances and research their past, Jewish shapeshifters speak to extraterrestrial planetminds, and Hungarian horse archers summon ancient terrors.