Spoilers on Marvel’s Openly Gay Superhero in “The Eternals”

[SPOILERS] Much has been discussed and rumored in recent months about Marvel’s upcoming film The Eternals, where it will debut the MCU’s first gay superhero. There have been varying reports on who that might be, and most rumors have pegged Richard Madden’s character Ikaris as the one.

But that appears not to be the case. Reports are emerging that Eternals footage screened at at CCXP 2019 reveals Brian Tyree Henry’s character Phastos to be gay, and in the clip holding hands with a male partner and two kids.

We Got This Covered writes: “A user on Box Office Theory says they were in attendance and writes of a brief clip featured in the trailer exclusive to the convention which revealed Phastos, as played by Brian Tyree Henry, holding hands with a male partner, with the pair accompanied by two kids. We’ve been told to expect Eternals’ gay character to have a husband and children in the movie, too, so if we can trust this info, it seems to solve the mystery of who it is.

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