SF in Ukraine: Ten Ukrainian SF/F Writers You Never Knew You Must Read

Terrified by a war that has no place in the 21st century, the interest in Ukrainian history and culture has risen, including science fiction and fantasy. Writer Volodymyr Arenev and literary critic Mykhailo Nazarenko recently published a general historical overview of Ukrainian SF/F (trans­lated by Alex Shvartsman) in Clarkesworld 9/22. Even earlier, in January 2018, Locus magazine published a short review of Ukrainian Fantastic literature by Michael Burianyk.

However, when a SF/F fan tries to find Ukrainian science fiction or fantasy books translated into English, only a couple of names will ap­pear – writers who wrote in Russian for a pan-Soviet audience. But since 1991, when Ukraine regained its independence, a whole new generation of SF/F writers has been born, all of whom write in Ukrainian, take an active part in the politics of their country, and wish nothing more than to declare to the whole world that we are here – a sovereign country with our own language, culture, history, and our own literature.

We hope that now, in a time when our country needs international help more than ever, our voices will be heard. We believe in the power of the fantastic to transform both personal and global experiences and provide familiarity for even the most unknown peoples. So let us show you ten young Ukrainian SF/F writers and their novels that are deserving of trans­lation. They shed light on what the SF/F community in Ukraine is living through. The novels differ in genre and target audience, themes and ideas, but every single one of them is a story worthy of a greater audience and of being brought to the attentions of publishers and agents.

Source: SF in Ukraine: Ten Ukrainian SF/F Writers You Never Knew You Must Read – Locus Online

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