File 770 Reports on Puppies Whining Over SFWA Support for BLM

Puppy wannabes are back with their own special take on the George Floyd protests

(Note: Language in the following article may not be suitable for all audiences)

In a Pixel Scroll entry titled “THE NOT RIGHT SPEAKS OUT, (#2) File 770 reports that several Puppy-Wannabes – Drooly, Steamer, Taint, Booger and Spit-that-out! (names have been changed to protect innocent canines) are parroting (can pups parrot?  apparently quite well!) the stereotypical BS about “All Lives Matter” and “Discrimination”.

Their basic logic seems to be that attempting to address bias and discrimination is somehow a racist action.

SFWA President Mary Robinette Kowal demonstrated her superb command of the English language with her response:

“All lives matter is racist bullshit. F*** you and your trolling ass.”

You don’t really need to read bullshit to recognize it as bullshit;  it has a recognizable color, shape and smell.  But if you have a need for verification that the bullshit is, in fact, bullshit, hop on over to File770 and follow the link.

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