Happy Hanukah from the ISS

Hanukah socks help astronaut Jessica Meier get into the holiday spirit

I’ve never seen this before – a Hanukah greeting from the ISS.

As reported on Twitter and the Jerusalem Post, US Astronaut Jessica Meier – one of the spacewalkers in the recent all-female astronaut spacewalk – tweeted holiday wishes along with an image of her feet wearing “Hanukah” socks – socks embroidered with a Star of David and Menorah pattern, blue, green and pink, respectively.

The Jerusalem Post speculates that owing to a strong desire not to have open flames inside a spacecraft, Meier may have chosen the socks and the ISS observation module to replicate the Menorah in the Window tradition.  Points to Astronaut Meier for creative problem solving (a trait highly prized among astronauts).

Happy Hanukah and Happy Holidays to everyone on the ISS from all of us here at Amazing Stories!

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