Strict Privacy Becomes Law in CA

Is Ant Behavior and Politicial Division Driven by the Same Mechanism?


Disney’s Rocket to the Moon

80 Years of Captain Future

Disappearing Cream Really Works

Quick Robin, Pay the Toll for the Batmobile with the Bat Quarter!

Some Images from Destination Moon You May Not Have Seen Before

Traveller:  The Best Space Opera RPG Ever?


Retro Hugo Awards Eligibility – here’s a listing of magazine issues that qualify

Alan Moore Recommends Self-Publishing

Vern Estes (Estes Rockets) Is 90

A History of Convention Ribbons

Subterranean Press Announces Octavia Butler Special Edition


2020’s Lights in the Sky Calendar

Air + Electricity + Water = Sustainable, zero emissions food source that will up-end agriculture and more

Hey!  Those Stars Don’t Belong Here

Israel has a Breakthrough Laser Weapon

Teen Intern Discovers New Planet Orbiting Binary Stars

They’ve Found Some FRBs.  Now What?

Tree Rings Reveal Magnetic Pole Reversal

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