Pournelle Back at LASFS

Jerry Pournelle’s weekly attendance of Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society meetings was interrupted when he suffered a stroke in December. Now he has recovered enough mobility that with the use of a walker he can navigate his way to the … Continue reading →

San Diego Fan Info Site Revamped
Once you’ve scanned James Hay’s San Diego Fandom Index you’ll believe his hometown must be the center of the science fiction universe. Since Hay took over editorship of the site he has expanded its coverage, and started posting info about cons, meetings … Continue reading →

Cops Bust Fans With Fake Guns On Their Way To Canadian Anime Convention
I’d worry if people hadn’t called. Police arrested two men in camo carrying what turned out to be fake guns after citizens reported seeing the suspicious-looking pair – one wearing a mask – outside the Palais des congrès in Gatineau, … Continue reading →

Local Performance of Lewis’ Great Divorce on 1/25

Anthony Lawton of the Mirror Theatre Company will give his superb one-man performance of C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce at Aliso Creek Church in Aliso Viejo on Sunday, January 25. Lawton portrays more than a dozen characters in the adaptation. … Continue reading →

LA Vintage Paperback Show Coming 3/22
The Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Collectors Show takes place this year on March 22 at the Glendale Civic Auditorium from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $5. There will be over 80 dealer tables and 45 authors who will … Continue reading →
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Straczynski Picked To Script Red Mars
Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski will write Spike TV’s Red Mars, based on the first book in Kim Stanley Robinson’s trilogy about the terraforming of Mars. HBO’s Game of Thrones co-executive producer Vince Gerardis is the producer, and author Robinson is … Continue reading →

FJ Bergmann Defends Against WisCon Harassment Complaint
Poet F.J. Bergmann, the subject of a harassment complaint filed by Rose Lemberg with the WisCon committee in 2013 that has been open for 18 months, alleges in a new blog post the animus driving the complaint came from Alex … Continue reading →

Lloyd Penney and the Regents
By John Hertz: Letters of Comment, it’s been said, are the lifeblood of fanzines; not only for any boost they give to the recipient’s self-esteem, but even more because fanzines are communication and at best communication goes both ways: fandom … Continue reading →

2015 Pulp Convention Schedule
A rundown of 2015 pulp collector conventions is available at Yellowed Perils. The article lists a baker’s dozen which have confirmed dates. The first of the season is Pulp AdventureCon on February 21 in Ft. Lauderdale. The other highlights include the Los Angeles Vintage … Continue reading →

Eric P. Scott Passes Away
Bay Area fan Eric P. Scott was found dead in his apartment on January 16 by friends who had grown concerned they had not heard from him for awhile. The San Francisco Medical Examiner’s office said he died peacefully in … Continue reading →

Cardiff Eastercon Bid Withdraws For 2016
The only announced bid for the 2016 British Eastercon has withdrawn because another major event in Cardiff will create too much demand for rooms in its overflow hotel. The committee issued this statement: Shortly before Christmas, the Bid Committee were … Continue reading →

Sasquan Sending Hugo PIN Numbers Today
Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon, announced it has started sending e-mails with Hugo PINs to eligible voters. The committee said on Facebook it may take most of the day for Sasquan and MidAmeriCon 11 members to get them, and LonCon 3 members may … Continue reading →

Djinn Faine Recalled
Djinn Faine, an editor of LASFS’ fanzine Shangri L’Affairs in the 1950s, passed away in 2007, however, this was only recently brought to the club’s notice. Faine, who was briefly married to sf writer Gordon R. Dickson, remarried and became … Continue reading →

Marvel Comics to Implode — End of a Fifty-Plus Year Era
By James H. Burns: One of the greatest fantasy universes ever created, the complex and enchanting worlds found within Marvel Comics, are coming to an end. The vast storylines initiated by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Joe Simon, Carl … Continue reading →

Today’s Birthday Boy 1/20
Born 1930: Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin John King Tarpinian reminisiced a few years ago — Thanks to Ray, at one of his 90th birthday celebrations I got to be in the same room with THREE of my childhood idols: Ray, Buzz Aldrin … Continue reading →

2014 Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot Announced
The Horror Writers Association (HWA) has released the Preliminary Ballot for the 2014 Bram Stoker Awards®. This is not the list of finalists, but the list which HWA’s members will vote on to determine the finalists — who will be revealed … Continue reading →

Explain THAT To TSA
Frequent File 770 contributor James H. Burns is included in a new feature at Scientific American about “The Ten Weirdest Things You’ve Taken Through Airport Security”. He told them — In the late 1980s, I was involved with some of … Continue reading →

Snapshots 147 Highest Possible Break In Snooker
Here are 14 developments of interest to fans. (1) “Why is Area 51 called Area 51?” explodes my theory that it was so-called because it lies between Areas 50 and 52… To keep track of the various test locations for nuclear … Continue reading →

Today’s Birthday Boy 1/19
Born 1809: Edgar Allen Poe There are 206 candles on the famed writer’s cake today. Especially this week, Bradbury fans will marvel that there are three Poe residences preserved — in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. The Edgar Allan Poe House and … Continue reading →

Man In The High Castle Pilot Free on Amazon Prime
Episode one in Amazon’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s Hugo-winning novel The Man in the High Castle can be viewed free online. An alternate history in which the Allies lost World War II, the production is highly atmospheric, smeary, hazy … Continue reading →

Bradbury Biographer Sam Weller Urges Waukegan To Host Museum
Sam Weller of Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews feels he has a pretty good handle on what Bradbury wanted in the way of a memorial – because he heard it from the author himself. Weller goes public … Continue reading →

Speculative Literature Foundation Offers Working Class Grant
The Speculative Literature Foundation is taking applications for its first annual Working Class/Impoverished Writers Grant. The grant is aimed at “working class, blue-collar, poor, and homeless writers who have been historically underrepresented in speculative fiction” due to financial barriers. Guidelines … Continue reading →

Kowal To Give Writing Workshop in Ferguson
Mary Robinette Kowal is teaching a free writing workshop in Ferguson, MO on January 24. The better people are prepared, the better their voices can be heard. For some people, getting a story out is more difficult than for others. This … Continue reading →

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Added issues 2.0.9 & 10 of Graham Charnock’s VibratorThe spring edition of the Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation is now on the Concatenation website
Added Guy H Lillian III’s The Zine Dump #33
Added Guy H. Lillian’s Spartacus #6
Added R. Graeme Cameron’s The Pleasure of Ruins #2
Added issue #297 of Opuntia plus archive issues 48.1A and 250, edited by Dale Speirs
Added Christopher J. Garcia’s The Drink Tank #397 & 398

Note: R. Graeme Cameron Reviews a selection of these and other fanzines in our Club House Feature.

canadian fanzinesNo new adds as of 1/25/15


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