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World’s Climate Report Card:  F

Problems with Trump’s Space Corps

Autistic HS Graduate Delivers Powerful Message

It Hardly Matters Whether Mrs. Trump Wore That Jacket Out of Ignorance or Intent

Koko, Signing Gorilla, Has Died


Awesome Cosplay!

David A. Hardy Art

Alexa Gamifys Domestic Spying

New Mr. & Mrs. X Comic Covers

2001: A Space Odyssey.  50th Anniversary Bluray

Linda Hamilton Back for Next Terminator Film

SJW Credential Run Amok

Cool Vintage PB Cover


Octavia Butler Honored in Google Doodle

Science Fiction Influencing Science Now More Than Ever

Hyperloop Approved for Chicago-O’Hare Trial. Normally, this would be under ‘Science’, but there have been So Many Chicons….

Thor: Ragnarok:  Gayest Marvel Movie Ever

Disney, Pixar Sued for Plagiarism

Fortnite Game Training Us to Ignore the Influences of AI

Time Travel Anthology Call for Submissions

ABE Books Lists 1960s First Editions:  Majority are SF


A near perfect example of how ignorance and misunderstanding science can lead to unfounded conclusions

World-Girdling Dust Storm Now Threatening Rovers

Someday, You Too Might Be Able to Own a Neanderthal Mini-Brain!

The Fusion Knight

OK.  Now That They’ve Found the Last of the Missing Matter….

Latin America to Lead in Renewable Energy

NASA Won’t Be Saving Us From the Yellowstone Super Volcano

Flying Dragon Drone (don’t need to say much more than that!)

Astronaut Wonders Why She Was Removed From Mission

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