Pixel Scroll 1/2 Sacrificing Poisoned Pixels While Dancing Naked in the Scrolls
APOLOGY TENDERED. Greg van Eekhout is quite right to be displeased — Having mixed feelings about my announcement that I don’t have a 2016 novel because my parents were slowly dying being called a “trend.” — Greg van Eekhout (@gregvaneekhout) … Continue reading →

Or What’s a Future For?
By James H. Burns: There can be an awful denouement to watching great love stories… As I was just reminded, catching the ending of Nicholas Meyer’s marvelous film of Karl Alexander’s story for 1979’s Time After Time (on Turner Classic … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 1/1 Let Scrolled Acquaintance Be Forgot…
(1) HORNING IN. Another rhino run starring Jim Mowatt — “New Year Parkrun Rhino Running at Temple Newsam House” We set off past the glorious Elizabethan mansion and out through the formal gardens. Down the long hill, left at the motorway … Continue reading →

GRRM Announces Winds of Winter “Will Be Done When It’s Done”
George R.R. Martin, in a long post about his unfinished novel The Winds of Winter, talks about progress made this year, and his disappointment over failing to meet the original and an extended deadline for turning in the manuscript. THE WINDS OF … Continue reading →

Why Roddenberry Created Star Trek
By James H. Burns: Marc Scott Zicree perpetuates a myth when he states that Gene Roddeberry didn’t create Star Trek as a money machine… A pleasant fable, but a non-truth, nonetheless. The only reason Roddenberry created Star Trek, at least … Continue reading →

SF Goes Global in the Year of the Monkey
By Brian Z. Liu Cixin’s 2015 Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel was listed today as one of China’s top ten cultural events of 2015 by Xinhua News Agency, the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China. The rocket-shaped trophy shared space … Continue reading →

Top 10 Posts for December 2015
In 2016 I may have to rethink the Top 10. The Scrolls are always top-rated because they are by design the town square where everybody gathers to talk. Sometimes an exceptionally large number of hits only means that bracket voting … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 12/31 At the Scroll of Midnight
(1) THE PERFECT MATCH. Fathom Events is bringing Starship Troopers back to theaters – but only so the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 can give the movie everything it deserves. The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000® are bringing … Continue reading →

File 770 #165 Available
Another New Year’s Eve tradition — ring out the year with the fanzine version of File 770. Click here — File 770 #165, [5MB PDF file] With a cover by Steve Stiles, the issue features these original articles: One Month a … Continue reading →

Lunacon Chair Resigns
Mark Richards has resigned as chair of Lunacon 2016. He made this public announcement on Facebook: It’s with a considerable measure of sadness that I take this step. My position as Chair has become politically and organizationally untenable. While I can … Continue reading →

Star Trek and Space Exploration Will Feature in 2016 Stamps
United States Postal Service stamp issues will feature Star Trek’s 50th anniversary and NASA space photos in 2016. Here are the descriptions and images in the press release. Views of Our Planets With this pane of 16 Forever stamps, the … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 12/30 The Scrolls Have Eyes
(1) INDY 5 IS GO. Consequence of Sound has the story. Walt Disney Company chairman and CEO Bob Iger, has confirmed that a fifth Indiana Jones movie is indeed happening. During a recent interview with Bloomberg, Iger spent much of his … Continue reading →

CBS Sues To Block Axanar Trek Movie
Too much of a good thing? Paramount and CBS have filed a copyright infringement suit against Alec Peters and others involved in making Axanar, a fan-produced Star Trek movie project that raised more than $1 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. … Continue reading →

Seventh Volume of Free Stories Eligible for 1941 Retro Hugos
Short Fiction Eligible for the 1941 Retro-Hugos Vol. 7 is now available, a collection of 33 public domain short stories published in 1940 assembled by File 770 commenter von Dimpleheimer. (Earlier posts contain links to Volume One, Volume Two, Volume Three, Volume Four, Volume … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 12/29 ’Twas Pixel, And The Slithy Scrolls Did Gyre And Gimble In The Wabe
(1) LEMMY WAS A FAN. Lemmy of Motörhead fame died last night. But did you know about his love for Science Fiction and Fantasy? See “Parting Shots: Lemmy” reposted from a spring 2011 issue of Relix. “I recently bought a … Continue reading →

2015 Additions to National Film Registry
The 25 films added to the National Film Registry in 2015 include two genre works, Ivan Reitman’s 1984 comedy Ghostbusters, starring Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, and the Spanish-language version of Dracula from 1931, which was shot concurrently with the … Continue reading →

2015: The Box Score
Jetpack’s annual statistical report for File 770 (which you’re welcome to read) ranks the most prolific commenters of 2015. JJ Meredith Peace Is My Middle Name Aaron Jim Henley Thanks to them and every commenter for the important work all … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 12/28 The Android Who Was Cyber-Monday
(1) VITA BREVIS. Arnie Fenner’s tribute at Muddy Colors to artists and cartoonists who passed in 2015 is excellent. (2) DOCTOR STRANGE. “First Look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange” at Yahoo! Movies. The first official glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch … Continue reading →

Uncanny Magazine Issue 8 Launches 1/5
The eighth issue of Uncanny Magazine will be available on January 5. The entire contents can be purchased in the eBook version on the day of release. Uncanny’s free online content will be released in two stages, half on January 5 and … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 12/27 So Long, and Thanks for All the Fifths
(1) ORPHAN BLACK TEASER. BBC America says Orphan Black Season 4 has started production and will be shooting in Toronto through March. Tatiana Maslany returns to her Emmy®-nominated role as multiple clones in 10 new episodes in Spring 2016. Season … Continue reading →

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