AMAZING NEWS: 1/2/2016

Hard SF on the rise; print sales on the rise; action figures for girls; Star Trek lawsuit, Star Trek stamps, more


ASU’s Project Hieroglyph


Swap the Military-Industrial Complex for the Science-Industrial Complex

Comic Store Features Diverse Comics

Action Figures Dolls for Girls


Far Fetched Fables #86.  Go visit the District of Wonders

Axanar Podcast

You’re STILL Living in a Science Fiction World

Star Trek Stamps

The Walking Dead Mid Season Trailer


Tell it Like it is  Scott Lynch

Print is Dead!  Long Live Print!

14th Worldcon Pics!  (via Steven H Silver)

Paramount Sues Axanar (Somebody’s jealous…)

Lucas feels like he’s sold his kids to white slavers following Force Awakens debut

SF’s Future Is In New Media (as it has always been)

Lunacon Convention Archive (via Mike Walsh)


Congress (!) Pushes Deep Space

We’ve Apparently Had a ‘Demon Star’ for a Long Time

Genius Device for Cleaning the Oceans

Martin Jet Packs to be used for Fire Fighting

Arne Saknusum Had the Wrong Continent


Project Hieroglyph Update: December 2015

This month, we discuss retrofuturism with one of our community members, unpack NPR’s recent article on hard science fiction, explore algorithms in the next century, and ask you to predict the future…of Hieroglyph itself! Read on below, then visit the Hieroglyph site to join the conversation.

On the blog

Earlier in the fall we asked you to tell us your thoughts on retrofuturism and the burgeoning atompunk scene. Hieroglyph community member John Maly got in touch and shared some of his experiences with us inthis conversation.
Last week, NPR’s All Things Considered ran a piece about the rising popularity of hard science fiction in mass culture. Hieroglyph community manager Bob Beard gives his take here.

In the future

Just over a year ago, we publishedHieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future. The book grew out of several years of collaboration among scientists, engineers, storytellers, researchers, and the public via our digital community. However, our work isn’t done. As the Hieroglyph team embarks on new projects for 2016, we’d like your thoughts on where we might next focus our collective energy and imagination.

Please take our brief survey here.


Our friend and Hieroglyph contributor Lee Konstantinou penned a new short story for Future Tense’s Tyranny of Algorithms event in Washington, DC earlier this month. His speculative tale, “The Lives of Algorithms,” is available for you to read right here.


We’ve had a wonderful year here at Hieroglyph and have enjoyed the ideas, comments, and enthusiasm you’ve brought to this project. We look forward to more great stories and conversations in 2016. Thank you, and Happy New Year!

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