Everything Wrong, How It Should Have Ended, and Memes
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: How It Should Have Ended – MCU compilations More videos following the jump. Everything Wrong With Ant Man Everything Wrong With Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Everything Wrong With Tron Legacy Everything Wrong with The Martian

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions #33
The Ursula K. Le Guin Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book By Chris M. Barkley: On the evening of March 6, 2018, I wrote the following, a boldly ambiguous press release for about re-naming the Young Adult Book

Pixel Scroll 8/3/18 That’s The Pixel Scroll Eraser Button, You Fool!
EATING THE FANTASTIC. Scott Edelman serves up a Sunday brunch with JY Yang in Episode 73 of his Eating the Fantastic podcast. JY Yang is the author of the Tensorate series of novellas from Tor.Com Publishing, which so far

2018 Diana Jones Award
The winner of the 2018 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming is Actual Play. The award is given to the person, product, company, event or any other thing that has, in the opinion of the Diana Jones committee, best

Filers on Worldcon 76 Program
Compiled by Hampus Eckerman: I tried to write down a schedule of all filers that are part of programming on Worldcon. If you’re a commenter or a lurker here, and you’d like to have your programming items added to this

Pixel Scroll 8/2/18 Where Late The Sweet Pixels Scrolled
F&SF. Gordon Van Gelder has unveiled the cover for F&SF’s Sept/Oct. 2018 issue. The cover art is by Michael Garland. (2) SPINER BECOMES A SUPER VP. has the results — “Data From Polling Numbers Are In: Brent Spiner

Worldcon 76 Program Online
The revised 2018 Worldcon programming schedule is now online. As this is written, the summary shows there are 806 items and 688 participants. The original program was subjected to enough criticism that it was taken down and a team of

2018 James White Award
The winner of the 2018 James White Award is: “Two Worlds Apart” by Dustin Blair Steinacker The winning story was selected by judges Anne Charnock, RJ Barker and Una McCormack. The winner receives £200 and publication of the story in

Wide Spectrum SFF Roundup
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Disastrous comic book misprints Disastrous superhero redesigns More items follow the jump. How Yoda became a Jedi The dark truth about Incredibles 2 Jack Jack’s powers explained “38 fierce facts about Arya Stark” at Factinate Little

Pixel Scroll 8/1/18 For I Must Be Scrolling On, Now Cause There’s Too Many Pixels I’ve Got To See
THE COCKY SOLUTION. The hydra sprouts a new head in the Authors Guild’s report on “Quantumgate: Son of Cockygate”. The Cockygate case is close to resolution: the parties have entered into a settlement agreement and author Faleena Hopkins has

Top 10 Posts for July 2018
A Twitter storm struck Worldcon 76 programming after schedules were emailed to participants, leading to July’s most-read post. Questions were raised about respect for people’s chosen pronouns (a byproduct of committee-created bios), participation by creators from LGBTQAI+ and POC backgrounds,

Follow the Bouncing Case
Plaintiff Jon Del Arroz agreed to pay the costs when both parties asked the court to transfer his lawsuit against Worldcon 76 (“Jonathan Del Arroz vs San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (‘SFSFC’) aka ‘Worldcon76’ David W. Gallaher (2019), President

Pixel Scroll 7/31/18 There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvish
BOOKS PEOPLE BOUNCED OFF. On, Charlotte Ahlin takes a look at “The 15 Most Frequently Unfinished Reads, According To Goodreads’ ‘Popular Abandoned Books’ Shelf” and encourages at least a subset of people to try again. The list includes many

2018 Sunburst Award Shortlists
The 2018 shortlists for the Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic were posted July 30. The Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic is an annual award celebrating the best in Canadian fantastika

2018 Inkpot Awards
Many creators were honored at Comic-Con International 2018 with Inkpot Awards for their contributions to the worlds of comics, science fiction/fantasy, film, television, animation, and fandom services. The convention has not yet updated its list of winners, but all of

Cosplay Video Roundup
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: These cosplayers really go all out. The poses are so realistic too. Cosplay Winners at San Diego Comic Con Masquerade 2018 More videos follow the jump. Top 10 Famous Cosplayers Top 10 Overdone Cosplay Characters THIS

Film Music Review Celebrates Its Twentieth Anniversary
By Steve Vertlieb: Editor and composer Roger Hall is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his acclaimed Film Music Review website with this special tribute to the glorious art of Music For The Movies. Roger has compiled a list of twenty

Pixel Scroll 7/30/18 There Have Been Rumors About This Strange Scroll, Frightening Rumors About Hapennings Way Beyond The Laws of Nature
FREE ELIZABETH BEAR BOOK. Joey Eschrich, Editor and Program Manager, Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University wants Filers to know they recently published We Have Always Died in the Castle, a free ebook featuring a

Worldcon 76 Gaming
[From a press release.] The gaming department for WorldCon is pleased to announce that WorldCon 76 will have an open gaming area for convention attendees. The convention has provided a large room for our use, which will be open 24

Alasdair Stuart Talks About Escape Artists
By Alasdair Stuart: Hello, I’m Alasdair Stuart and I own Escape Artists. We’ve been active for 14 years, we produce 4 weekly podcasts, have an archive of over 2,000 episodes covering science fiction, fantasy, horror and YA and we don’t

Cats Sleep on SFF: Derelict
Kit M. Harding’s subject wasn’t that enthusiastic about joining show business — I finally got the other cat to cooperate! This is Rorschach, who belongs to one of the other roommates, and was not best pleased to find me sticking a … Continue

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