AMAZING NEWS: 1-29-2017


If its the warmest year on record, how come it’s so cold in winter?  (Because you are an idiot or a denier, that’s why)

Publisher Offers “Guide to the Trump Years” (otherwise known as “1984”)

Trump is Lex Luthor

“Pretty Terrible” Links Roundup

Girls Learn “Brilliant” is for Boys by Age 6

Trump May Be the MOST Lampooned President in History


Charlie Stross on Rabid, Nazi Raccoons (buckle your seat belts!)

Incredible scratch-built Cygnus from Disney’s The Black Hole

Falcon 9 Launch

ISS & the Milky Way

Classic Judge Dredd

David Brinn Roundup

Munteanu on Incorporated

Commemorating the Martian Invasion of 1894 (via File770)

Dr. Who Predicted “Alternative Facts”

When you have money, not even the apocalypse is a problem

Get out your mashed potatoes, its CE3k”s 40th anniversary!

GEM & Holograms Final Bow

Field Guide to Furry Toon Types

Dust in Orion


Bradbury Inducted into CA Library Hall of Fame

Following excoriating criticism from ASM, TWD will tone down its violence (well, others critiqued it too)

Copyright Infringer to produce documentary on history of science fiction  (wonder if he’ll reveal everything he’s ripped off  Doubt the lawyers will let him.)

In related news:  Copyright Infringer to infringe own infringed film for a re-do

NYRSF Readings:  Jack Womack & James Morrow

News & Request from Lunacon

A Better Way to Protect Your FB Account

Boskone Mini Interviews

District of Wonders Creating Podcasts

RIP:  John Hurt


50th Anniversary of Apollo 1 (Grissom, Chaffee & White)

Analysis of Satellite Breakups (Gravity, anyone?)

Kramer’s “Pig-Man” is REAL!

Revolt of the Scientists

This is WAY COOL!  Video of Planets Orbiting a Distant Sun

One of the Best Pics Evah! of Jupiter

“Blue Spacesuit…I saw you standing alone…without a big bubble helmet…” (sung to Blue Moon)

Private Space Station?

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