puppyWhere No Puppy Has Gone Before 5/2
aka The Puppies Who Fell Up Another burst of substantive, idea-filled posts highlight today’s roundup. The roll call includes Jeb Kinnison, Jaye Em Edgecliff, Brandon Kempner, Jeff Duntemann, Steve Davidson, Anthony Vicino, William Shaw and Kate Paulk. (Title credit goes … Continue reading →

An Account of Juliette Wade’s Withdrawal from Sad Puppies 3
Whether everyone on the Sad Puppies 3 slate was asked, and what they were told, has been part of the overall discussion. Brad R. Torgersen addressed both questions in “Defenders of the nail house” (March 29) and “Sad Puppies 3: were they contacted?” (April … Continue reading →

Who Deserves A Hugo?
Guest post by Tuomas Vainio: It seems to be a popular question today. Thus to determine the answer, I went to Amazon and searched for science fiction in e-books Continue reading →

Lee and Miller Tour for “Dragon in Exile”
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller continue the Grand Sectional Liaden Universe® World Tour with a whirlwind trip through the bookstores of the Northeast in support of Dragon in Exile, the eighteenth Liaden novel, coming out in hardcover from Baen Books … Continue reading →

Stathopoulos Portrait to Display at Britain’s National Portrait Gallery
Australian artist Nick Stathopoulos has announced his portrait of Robert Hoge, one of 55 finalists for the prestigious BP Portrait Prize, will go on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London from 18 June. It will then tour Scotland … Continue reading →

Free Comic Book Day 2015
Wake up, it’s Free Comic Book Day 2015! Participating comic book specialty across North America and throughout the world will be giving away comic books to the visitors in their shops! Use the locator on the website to search for … Continue reading →

2014 Ursa Major Awards
The 2014 Ursa Major Awards for the Best Anthropomorphic Literature and Art were announced at Morphicon 2015 in Columbus, Ohio on May 1. The Ursa Major Awards are a popular-vote award: 2,851 ballots were cast in 11 categories. The winners and runners-up are as follows: Best Motion … Continue reading →

puppySo Long and Thanks for All the Puppies 5/1
aka The Good, the Bad, and the Yapping Rachel Acks and Abigail Nussbaum begin the May Day roundup, followed by Mark Leeper, John Scalzi, Paul Kincaid, David Langford, Laura Mixon, Kiesa, and a colleague who has chosen a saner course. … Continue reading →

Fly R2-D2
Luke Skywalker felt safer when R2-D2 was flying behind him and All Nippon Airways (ANA) hopes passengers will feel the same way when it introduces Star Wars livery, with the iconic R2-D2, on its newest aircraft, the 787-9 Dreamliner, as … Continue reading →

Harry Potter Today and Tomorrow in History
The May Day story is that research shows Harry Potter readers become more tolerant toward minority groups: Research published this week in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that kids who read J.K. Rowling’s wildly popular wizarding series are … Continue reading →

Classics of S-F at Sasquan
By John Hertz: We’ll discuss three Classics of S-F at Sasquan the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention, one discussion each. Come to as many as you like. You’ll be welcome to join in. We’ll start with “A classic is a … Continue reading →

Forever War May Not Take Forever To Reach the Screen After All
Warner Bros. has outbid Sony for the rights to Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War reports Richard Edlund, who had the rights for 27 years, moved on after the project had been in development for seven years at Fox with Ridley … Continue reading →

Top 10 Posts for April 2015
An announcement that April’s Top 10 consists entirely of Hugo- or Sad Puppy-related posts can only lead to charges of bloc voting, so I also have generated a second “top 10” of posts having nothing to do with those topics. Here are the … Continue reading →

puppyLeave the Puppy, Take the Cannoli – 4/30
All the myriad realities parade through today’s roundup, arrayed by Jason Sanford, George R.R. Martin, John Scalzi, Vox Day, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Alexandra Erin, Tom Knighton, Anna Butler, Matt Hotaling, Ann Leckie, Katya Czaja, Rich Horton and Declan Finn, plus … Continue reading →

Ellen Klages Ends a Tiptree Era
After 20 years as WisCon’s Tiptree auctioneer, Ellen Klages is passing the torch. She recalls how it all began in a nostalgic post on the convention’s blog: In 1994, on the weekend of my 40th birthday, I was in Worcester, … Continue reading →

The First Ever Call For Hugo Bloc Voting
Sad and Rabid Puppies are spending unlimited effort to find old Hugo recommendation lists in order to prove with geometric logic that people were trying to manipulate the awards before they came along. Allow me to spare you further digging! I … Continue reading →

2015 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award Winners
After seven weeks of voting, yielding 3,100 ballots, the 2015 winners of the Rondo Hatton Awards have been announced. BEST FILM OF 2014 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Runner-up: THE BABADOOK Honorable mention: GODZILLA; DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES … Continue reading →

2015 Edgar Award Winners
Mystery Writers of America has announced the winners of the 2015 Edgar Allan poe Awards, honoring the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction and television published or produced in 2014. BEST NOVEL Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King (Simon & Schuster – … Continue reading →

puppyI Sing the Puppy Electric 4/29
George R.R. Martin, John Ringo, Vox Day, John Scalzi, Aaron Pound, Jeb Kinnison, Jamie Ford, Glenn Hauman and lots of other cool cats and hot dogs sound off in today’s roundup. (Title credit belongs to File 770 contributing editor of … Continue reading →

Hello, Dalek! Hour of the Wolf Live with Writer Robert Shearman
By Mark L. Blackman: The night of Tuesday, April 28, 2015 featured a special event, a “hybrid” of the New York Review of Science Fiction Readings and an episode of Jim Freund’s WBAI-FM radio program, Hour of the Wolf. The world’s longest-running … Continue reading →

The Storied Career of Ed Green
Actor and past president of LASFS Ed Green is Tuckerized by David Gerrold in “Entanglements,” a story in the latest Fantasy & Science Fiction. The protagonist describes the birthday party he is having: By the time the party finally broke … Continue reading →

“Best of Galaxy’s Edge” for 99 Cents Today 4/29
The Kindle edition of The Best of Galaxy’s Edge 2013-2014 edited by Mike Resnick is priced at 99 cents today. Table of Contents • Introduction (The Best of Galaxy’s Edge 2013-2014) • essay by Mike Resnick • I, Arachnobot • … Continue reading →

Prolog(ue) to the Very Big Worldcon Thing
If Seattle is on your way to the 2015 Worldcon, is near where you live, or just seems like a perfectly nice place to attend a fannish gathering, Prolog(ue) could be for you. As Ulrika O’Brien explains, the idea was … Continue reading →

Second Lovecraftian Beer Goes on Sale
Narragansett Beer has released Innsmouth Olde Ale, the second in a planned series of four fermented tributes to the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Chapter 2 in the Lovecraft Series draws its inspiration from “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” one of our … Continue reading →

puppySend In The Puppies… Don’t Bother They’re Here 4/28
aka One To Forsee For Puppies Reactions to Edmund R. Schubert’s withdrawal as a Hugo nominee dominate today’s roundup, illustrated here by quotes from Lou Antonelli, N. K. Jemisin, Deirdre Saoirse Moen, George R.R. Martin and Dara Korra’ti. Annie Bellet elaborated … Continue reading →

2016 Lunacon Sets Dates, Adds GoH
The 2016 Lunacon will take place March 18-20, 2016 in a familiar venue, the Hilton Westchester in Rye Brook, New York. Chair Mark Richards also has some other good news: Additionally, we’re pleased to announce the addition of Naomi Novik, … Continue reading →

Bradbury on Antiques Roadshow
PBS’ Antiques Roadshow appraised a set of Ray Bradbury novels autographed to one of his high school English teachers on the April 27 broadcast. Among the books was the presentation copy to the dedicatee of Something Wicked This Way Comes, Jennet … Continue reading →

Recalling the First World Science Fiction Convention
[First Fandom President John L. Coker III filled me in about a surviving member of the 1939 Worldcon I overlooked in a recent post.] John L. Coker III: I appreciated very much the article (04/20) about Art Widner. There is one … Continue reading →

puppyThe Demolished Puppy 4/27
Another nominee withdrew even as the Hugo ballot was going online, rousing an immediate swirl of comment by Marina J. Lostetter, Alex Shvartsman and Deirdre Saoirse Moen. Before that news cycle opened there were already new posts from Larry Correia, … Continue reading →

Sasquan Opens Hugo Voting
Electronic voting for the 2015 Hugo Awards has opened. website revealed the availability of the ballot in its April 27 story about the withdrawal of Edmund R. Schubert. Once voters access the electronic voting form they are advised about … Continue reading →

Edmund R. Schubert Withdraws As Hugo Nominee
Edmund R. Schubert, editor of Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show, has announced his withdrawal as a nominee for the Best Editor (Short Form) Hugo. Schubert was recommended on both the Sad Puppies 3 and Rabid Puppies slates. He previously … Continue reading →

The Game of Fashion
If winter’s really coming, you’ll have to change into something warmer. By then George R.R. Martin may have stopped croggling over these “GRRM Leggings” he discovered on sale from Poprageous. GRRM Leggings $80.00 USD I HAD to make these leggings to pay homage … Continue reading →

Cixin Liu Coming to Nebula Weekend
Cixin Liu, whose book The Three-Body Problem is nominated for both the Nebula and the Hugo, will be coming from China to meet with fans and participate in SFWA’s Nebula Weekend June 4-7. Liu, 51, resides in a “gritty coal-mining … Continue reading →

Nita Green Passes Away
Juanita “Nita” Green, Rose-Marie Lillian’s mother, died April 22, 2015 after suffering a devastating heart attack. She was 81. Nita is remembered by many for her years in fandom and for the Apollo “launch parties” she hosted with then-husband Joseph … Continue reading →

2015 Prometheus Award Novel Finalists
The Libertarian Futurist Society has announced the finalists in the Best Novel category of the Prometheus Awards, representing the best pro-freedom novel of 2014: The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin (TOR Books, Nov. 2014) is a first contact novel by … Continue reading →

Bring “God is an Iron” to Worldcon
Black Box Montreal, an independent theatre company that produces and adapts classic science fiction stories for the stage, wants to perform its version of Spider Robinson’s story God is an Iron at this year’s Worldcon in Spokane. Money would help. … Continue reading →

puppyFlow My Tears, the Sad Puppy Said 4/26
aka The Puppy That Cried Love at the Heart of the World Today’s roundup spans everything from legitimate beef to The Walking Dead, with visits along the way to James Worrad, Bob Mayer, Martin Wisse, Earl Newton, Brad Torgersen, T. … Continue reading →

2015 Filk Hall of Fame Inductees
The Filk Hall of Fame honors those who have contributed to filk over the years as performers, organizers, and facilitators. Here are the citations for three fans in the Hall of Fame class of 2015: Kay Shapero found filk at … Continue reading →

An Uncanny Mother’s Day Present
Uncanny Magazine #4 will be available May 5. Some of sf’s leading storytellers adorn the table of contents, while the slate of nonfiction writers includes at least one who will be buying a copy of the issue for his mother. … Continue reading →

Apex Magazine #71 Released
Apex Magazine #71 features original fiction by Sean Robinson (“Beatification of the Second Fall”), A.C. Wise (“Silver Buttons All Down His Back”), Octavia Cade (“Crow”), Naomi Kritzer (“Wind”), and Lia Swope Mitchell (“Slow”). Two poems, by Isabel Yap and Keith … Continue reading →

2015 ESFS Awards
The European Science Fiction Society announced the winners of the 2015 ESFS Awards at Eurocon 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia on April 26. HONORARY AWARD European Grand Master Eugene Lukin HALL OF FAME Best Author: China Miéville (United Kingdom) Best Artist … Continue reading →

Stan Burns (1947-2015)
Stan Burns, sometimes called “Staniel,” but never Marsdon Stanford Burns Jr. (though he was), died April 23 at his home in Riverside, CA. He had spent several months in sharply declining health due to pulmonary distress brought on by lung … Continue reading →

puppyPuppy Hunter Nemesis 4/25
aka It Was On Fire When I Lifted My Leg On it Live from Arcadia, it’s File 770 in the middle of Saturday Night! Jim C. Hines, Eleanor Arnason, Vox Day, and other voices from the blogosphere have their say … Continue reading →

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