SpaceX experienced a failure to launch (at night), but rescheduled and lifted off to the ISS a bit later than intended.  (I get to watch launches from my backyard and night launches are spectacular!)

Author Steven Barnes says that now is the time to address the implications of AI 

Related (somewhat):  Strategic Storyteller uses AI to generate headshots

Dave Langford introduces two new TAFF titles – The Harp in England – Walt Willis and Colonial Excursions – Ron Bennett

Greg Hullender doesn’t think this new development in fusion power will be commercially viable, but if it is – no waste

Wired covers Clarkesworld and Neil’s battle with BS submissions

Related development: Editor’s Note from Clarkesworld

And more AI “stuff”:  “Laptop class of workers” will be destroyed by AI

Lightspeed and Fantasy magazines issue open call for submissions

Amazon magazine subscriptions no longer accepted or renewable

Hugo Nominations for 2023 (works from 2022) are now open for eligible voters

Nebula 2023 Finalists announced

Note:  Our featured image today was generated by Dall-E with the prompt: A self-portrait of an Artificial Intelligence

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