AMAZING NEWS: 20180805

There’s so much to read here today, we almost feel bad dropping it all on you.


Racist Science Fiction

Profoundly Naive, Unimaginably Wise and Terribly, Terribly Sexy

Barbie says ‘ladies, stop over-apologizing!”

Handmaid’s Tale Protestors  …and Hoyt Compares Heinlein and Atwood

“Hidden Figures”  Nominated for Congressional Award

A Political Message Hat


Hamill Pays Tribute to Fisher

Hope for Nerds, Geeks & Fans:  Readers of SF & F Make Good Romantic Partners

WAY Cool Book Store

What They Read on the ISS (Besides Manuals on How to Launch a Soyuz)

This Video of some kind of futuristic war robot is profoundly disturbing

Trailer for COSMOS, Season 2

Best SF Films of 2018 (so far)

From Pruzy’s Pot to…The Cleanse?

Robot Drummer (and demo)

Once You Get to Mars, Here’s Six Places to Go

BBC Hires a New ‘Employee’

When Ramjets Ruled

Terminator Reboot First Look

We’ve Covered This Art Before But It Is So Gorgeous, We’re Doing It Again

Rogue Waves, Not Dimensional Portals, Explains Bermuda Triangle

1950 Fan Directory

Richard Pryor Deals with Aliens

New Evil Disney Queen

Trek:  Right and Wrong


Ann Leckie & N.K. Jemisin on Writing

Inspired by Nicols:  20th Century Femme SF & Fantasy

Julie Dillon Funds a Book of SF & Fantasy Art

Cast & Crew Sign Letter Supporting James Gunn (the director one, lol)

New Release:  John Whalen’s Tragon of Ramura

This Weeks SF&F from B&N

Brain Implants 

NASA Selects 304 Small Business Projects for Funding

What Comic Should Be Adapted for Superman 2?

13 Novels That Began as Shorts

Jordan Peale Launches SF Anthology Series

LOTR TV Series

Sword of SciFi?  Brook’s First Chapter of SF Novel

TOR New August Releases


Mars is STILL very close

There’s almost as many articles about why we haven’t found aliens yet as there are alien civilizations waiting to be found

Solar Cataclysm May Help Solve Ages Old Mystery

Solar Flare Amps Up Hurricane

Blood Moon From Space

Light “Fingerprints” of our planets may help identify exoplanetary types

Space is Closer Than We Think

The Planck Satellite Performs Its Lates Update of the Uviverse

Solar Probe Demos Heat Resistance

FEDOR Bots May Be Heading to the ISS

Satellites to Monitor Wind Patterns (NASA will be able to tell us all when to go fly a kite)

Flying Lizards.  No, not the band

Eyes Reveal EyeQ

Ideas for Authors:  Tech We Need

Ancient Particle Identified in Space

New Collider Gets the Go Ahead

Scientists Upset by Planet Nine Name

Possible Abodes of Life

AMAZING NEWS with curations by Contributing News Editor Ruby Kapture.

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