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Project Hieroglyph Reveals Slow Catastrophes, Uncertain Revivals; Pandemonium Books; Pro Se Books – Gunsmith #402; UK Blog Awards; Pro Se Books Celebrates Partnership with Radio Archives with Freebie Drawing

SOCIAL (or:  Things to Get Hepped Up About!)

Talk About STEM!  Introducing the Rocket Girls

More White Privilege Reveals

Burnside Stands Up

Tabletop (Gaming) Terrorism

TRUE Social Justice:  Porn Site Bans NC Residents From Website (and based on their internal records, a LOT of North Carolinians are going to be very frustrated – especially those who like to watch Gay and Transgender Vids…which rank among the highest watched for viewers from NC…go figure?  On the other hand – ‘go to Church or watch porn?’ is no longer an option)

From the Personal Privacy Dept:  FBI Pays One-Time Fee to Hack San Bernadino Phone

Keene Boycotts HWA

Boy, We Sure Have Come a Long Way Since Delilah and the Space Rigger, Baby!  The Women of Star Trek FB Group

Religious Trends in the US:  Watch out, the Atheists, Muslims and Hindus are Coming

Six Months Of Record Breaking Global Temperatures (“T’ain’t no sech thang as global warming” – some politician on some science committee somewhere…)


New Alex Raymond (Flash Gordon) Art Book

Classic Science Fiction Radio

Uncle Miltie on Trek

Karlo Yeager Fiction in Nature Magazine

Sure, Lets Go Check Out Skull Island, Those Giant Ape Sightings Are Just Rumors You Know

Baron Munchausen Jr.

Boston Globe Speculates on the Future

Unpublished Bowie Pictures (ahem:  not anymore)

Roundup of Images from the Toronto Star Weekly’s ‘Closer Than We Think’ feature

Lost RHPS Poloroids Apparently Found

New Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Trailer

PorPor Books Blog

YA Book Cover Fun:  Changing Titles on YA Covers For Fun (Some Are Most Definitely NSFW)

Thoughts on Daredevil

Fans Not Happy with ScarJo in Ghost in the Machine

70s SF Art

Where There’s No Smoke, there may be a bad movie, or a brilliant marketing ploy:  Why the big silence about Star Trek: Beyond?

Maggie (Laura Cohen) on The Walking Dead’s Cliff Hanger (hint:  listen to the background audio)

Tales From the Crypt Reboot Greenlit


Age-Based List of SF Lit

German SF Is Just a Bit Bigger Than Just Perry Rhodan

Wordfire Press SF HumbleBundle

Dr. Jerry Pournelle Wins Natiuonal Space Society’s Robert A. Heinlein Award

New SF Magazine Compelling SF Offers up Hard SF

Pro Se Offers Audio Edition of Monster Aces

Pulpfest 2016 Honoring Amazing Stories 90th Anniversary (with History by Mike Ashley)

(Head Desk): Four, not Three, Avatar Sequels in the Works

What Happens When a Radical Library Goes Defunct?  U of Kansas Gets its Zines


So Wait!  Let Me Get This Straight:  One Private Space Company’s Vehicle Delivered Another Private Space Company’s Habitat to the ISS…Is that cool or what!?!

Getting to the Bottom of the Whole Thing:  Drilling into Chicxulub Crater

Interstellar Mission Called for Sooner Rather than Later

Flyboard Air is Real

Obama’s Last WH Science Fair

You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Without Bees

Real Scientists Protest ‘Wastebook’:  (You have to read the grant, Senator, not just watch the Youtube video!  Or – Just Because YOU’RE an Idiot Doesn’t Mean the Science is Bad)

Palin Can’t See Science From Her Kitchen Window – says Nye is as much of a scientist as her.  Laugh till you cry.

Your Perception of Reality Is Non-Continuous (You’re Unconscious While Incoming Data is Processed)

Methane Gas Leaks:  A Much Bigger Problem Than Previously Known

Mathematical Analysis Reveals GoT Protog


New stories from Project Hieroglyph

We’re proud to announce the publication of Slow Catastrophes, Uncertain Revivals, a collection of research-based stories about sustainability, ecology, and the future.

The book features stories inspired by Project Hieroglyph, created by students in “Slow Catastrophes, Speculative Futures, Science & Imagination: Rewriting and Rethinking Sustainability,” a course designed and taught by Dr. Michele Speitz at Furman University. It’s free to download, read, and share under a Creative Commons license.

On the blog

Elsewhere on the Internet

Check out Imaginary Papers, a blog published by our parent organization, the Center for Science and the Imagination, for insightful takes on the relationship between humans and our technology.

Recent Imaginary Papers tackle John Carpenter’s They Live, stone hand axes,Antonin Scalia’s technological jurisprudence, and Buckminster Fuller.

Copyright © 2016 Project Hieroglyph, All rights reserved.


Pandemonium Book News

The Latest and Greatest in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Literature

In this newsletter you’ll find:

Author Event: Elizabeth Bonesteel and Caitlin Kittredge
Award Season!
Upcoming Local Events
April New Releases


Author Event

Headshots of Charlie Stross, Max Gladstone, and Walter Jon Williams

Caitlin Kittredge and Elizabeth Bonesteel
Thursday, April 14
7:00 p.m.

Come see these fantastic authors discuss fantasic female characters in genre fiction!

Caitlin Kittredge has written fifteen novels for adults and teens, including the award-winning Iron Codex trilogy. She is releasing Grim Tidings, the follow-up to her urban fantasy novel Black Dog, on April 19.

Elizabeth Bonesteel began making up stories at the age of five, in an attempt to battle insomnia. Her debut novel, The Cold Between, went on sale March 8, and it’s really racking up amazing reviews.

The event is free, and food and drinks will be provided.

Thank you to the fabulous crowd that turned out to hear Ann Leckie last month. What a great conversation!

Award Season Begins

Having clicked submit on my Hugo nominations, I am distractedly looking at other awards and nominees while I await the Hugo finalists.

The British Science Fiction Awards

Annual award give out by the British Science Fiction AssociationWinner, Best Novel: House of Shattered Wings, Aliette de Bodard

Prometheus Award Finalists

Libertarian Futurist Society’s annual award for best libertarian novelGolden Son, Pierce Brown
Apex, Ramez Naam
Seveneves, Neal Stephenson
The Just City, Jo Walton
A Borrowed Man, Gene Wolfe

James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award Winners

Annual literary prize for science fiction or fantasy that expands or explores our understanding of gender“The New Mother”, Eugene Fischer (Asimov’s, April/May 2015)
Lizard Radio, Pat Schmatz

Ditmar Awards

Recognizes achievement in Australian science fiction (including fantasy and horror) and science fiction fandomWinner, Best Novel: Lament for the Afterlife, Lisa L. Hannett
Winner, Best Novella or Novelette: “Of Sorrow and Such”, Angela Slatter

Philip K. Dick Award

Award for distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United StatesApex, Ramez Naam

Bram Stoker Shortlist

Annual award given by the Horror Writers AssociationThe Scarlet Gospels, Clive Barker
The Deep, Michaelbrent Collings
The Cure, JG Faherty
Black Tide, Patrick Freivald
A Head Full of Ghosts, Paul Tremblay


Local Events

Muppet Madness
Friday, April 15, through Monday, April 18
Brattle Theatre

This year’s event includes a double feature of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. And the irresistible Muppet Movie sing-along!

Cambridge Science Festival
Friday, April 15, through Sunday, April 24
Cambridge, Mass.

The Cambridge Science Festival is an annual 10-day celebration of science, technology, engineering, art, and math in Cambridge and New England.

Dimensions of Doctor Who
Saturday, April 23, 7:00 p.m.
MIT Museum

What do you get when you combine the TARDIS, a sonic screwdriver, and local scientists? An evening dedicated to exploring the science of Doctor Who! Hear from researchers who will share how their work is bringing our world closer to that of the Doctor’s. Excellent for Whovians, science fiction fans, and science lovers alike.

Watch City Steampunk Festival
Saturday, May 7
Waltham, Mass.

The only outdoor Steampunk Festival in New England.

Readercon 27
Thursday, July 7, through  Sunday, July 10
Quincy, Mass.
GOH: Catherynne M. Valente and Tim Powers

Although Readercon is modeled on science fiction conventions, there is no art show, no costumes, no gaming, and almost no media. Instead, Readercon features a near-total focus on the written word.

The program consists of two tracks each of panel discussions, author readings, and solo talks or discussion groups, plus kaffeeklatsches (intimate gatherings with an author) and autograph signings.


April Releases

Covers of Sharp Ends, The Drafter, and Aurora
Sharp Ends Abercrombie, Joe $28.00 (hc)
Bloodmage Aryan, Stephen $16.99 (pb)
Undercity Asaro, Catherine $ 7.99 (pb)
Tales of the Time Scouts 2 Asprin, Robert $16.00 (pc)
Fellside Carey, M. R. $27.00 (hc)
1882: Custer in Chains Conroy, Robert $ 7.99 (pb)
Atlas of Lost Cities: A Travel Guide to Abandoned and Forsaken Destinations de Tocqueville, Aude $24.99 (hc)
Fall of Light (Kharkanas) Erikson, Steven $29.99 (hc)
The Mirrorworld Saga Funke, Cornelia $14.99 (pb)
The Emperor’s Railroad Haley, Guy $12.99 (pb)
Nettle King Harbour, Katherine $12.99 (pb)
The Drafter Harrison, Kim $ 7.99 (pb)
Spira Mirabilis Harte, Aidan $26.99 (hc)
Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us from Missiles to the Moon to Mars Holt, Nathalia $27.00 (hc)
Zombie Apocalypse Preparation: How to Survive in an Undead World and Have Fun Doing It! Houchins, David $15.00 (pb)
In Shining Armor James, Elliott $15.99 (pb)
The Everything Box: A Novel Kadrey, Richard $24.99 (hc)
Grim Tidings: Hellhound Chronicles Kittredge, Caitlin $14.99 (pb)
City of Shadows: King of the Grey, Frostwing, Dutchman Knaak, Richard A. $17.99 (pb)
alt.Sherlock Holmes: New Visions of the Great Detective Koch, Gini $ 9.99 (pb)
Silence Lackey, Mercedes $25.00 (hc)
The Fall of the Dagger Larke, Glenda $15.99 (pb)
Every Heart a Doorway McGuire, Seanan $17.99 (hc)
Hamilton: The Revolution Miranda, Lin-Manuel $40.00 (hc)
The War Against the A**holes Munson, Sam $15.99 (pb)
The City’s Son (Skyscraper Throne) Pollock, Tom $12.99 (pb)
Wraith: A Novel Reeves-Stevens, Judith & Garfield $26.99 (hc)
Demigods & Magicians: Percy and Annabeth Meet the Kanes Riordan, Rick $14.99 (pb)
The Heroes of Olympus Riordan, Rick $ 9.99 (pb)
Aurora Robinson, Kim Stanley $ 9.99 (pb)
Shooting the Rift Stewart, Alex $16.00 (pb)
Persona Valentine, Genevieve $14.99 (pb)
Elusive Salvation Ward, Dayton $ 7.99 (pb)
Ecko Burning Ware, Danie $ 7.99 (pb)
Star Wars The Force Awakens: Tales From a Galaxy Far Far Away Wojtowicz, Jason P. $12.99 (pb)
Cobra Outlaw Zahn, Timothy $ 7.99 (pb)
Facebook icon Be sure and visit us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all the latest news from the store!
Copyright © 2016 Pandemonium Books & Games Inc., All rights reserved.



One of the most popular characters in Adult Western fiction rides again in print from Pro Se Productions.  J. R. Roberts’ Clint Adams gets caught in THE GUNSMITH #402-KIDNAP A GUNSMITH.

When Clint Adams rides into Casa Grande, Arizona, everyone starts talking.  Women rush to be near him and smart men step out of his way.  But some just simply aren’t sharp enough to be afraid of The Gunsmith.

Only planning to stay a day or so, The Gunsmith finds himself inadvertently tangled up in a fight between two families. The Tanner brothers, trying their hardest to be bad men, come into conflict with the Colters, the reigning outlaws in town.  Owing them money, the Tanners come up with a dangerous idea when they learn Clint Adams is in Casa Grande.  They intend to kidnap The Gunsmith for ransom!

Suddenly in danger from all sides, including a kill crazy gunslinger desperate to add him to the notches in his pistol, Adams finds himself unable to trust anyone, even the beautiful women pursuing him.  As families fight, it falls to The Gunsmith to deal out death, just to make sure he rides out of town alive.

THE GUNSMITH #402: KIDNAP A GUNSMITH by J. R. Roberts.  From Pro Se Productions.

Featuring cover and logo design by Jeffrey Hayes and print formatting and cover design by Percival Constantine, KIDNAP A GUNSMITH is available now at Amazon at and Pro Se’s own store at for 8.99.

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies to review this book, contact Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations, Kristi King-Morgan at

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at

Copyright © 2016 Pro Se Productions, All rights reserved.


The UK Blog Awards 2016 evening is only 14 days away and the demand for tickets has been high this year! There will be 600 Bloggers and Brands in attendance to connect, celebrate and create lasting impressions, not forgetting crowning the individual and company winning Blogs!

This year, the awards are powered by headline sponsor, ODEON Cinemas who love to connect with Bloggers. Last week, ODEON‘turned the tables’ during #BlogHour and allowed Bloggers to put them in the hot seat. It was a great hour with one of the poll results showing that 41% of Bloggers believed that personalisation creates the best Blogger and Brand relationship – do you agree?

As you know, at UKBA16 HQ we love to recognise the digital innovation for industry Bloggers across the UK, but whilst doing so, it is important to provide recognition and the best experience for all who decide to attend the evening. Providing an event experience is central to enable everyone to feel relaxed and enjoy ice breaking conversations with interactive networking opportunities. We have partnered with Event Trees, Max Wifi and EFX Awards to ensure you can connect and be wowed in land full of BIG and with the language of gobblefunk on April 29th.

Exciting Opportunity with Debenhams

Would you like to design your own shopable page with one of the biggest retailers in the UK? Debenhams have a competition offering 2 lucky bloggers a chance to work with them to create your own personal picklist AND you will win an outfit worth up to £200, plus two pairs of tickets to attend the UK Blog Awards.

As the UK Blog Awards is shortly approaching we thought this would be a great competition for everyone to enter. Full details are listed on the Blog.

Date for your Diary: Roast Restaurant co-host #BlogHour 

This Tuesday, Roast are co-hosting #BlogHour and with a brand that loves everything British and are extremely passionate about bloggers, especially the foodie types, you can be sure to be apart of a fun and engaging hour.

So, join the #BlogHour conversation with us this Tuesday 19th April at 9pm via Twitter and look out the questions listed on the Blog very soon.

Blogosphere: Have Your Say

With only two weeks away from the big night, time is running out to be involved with the UK Blog Awards: Your Industry, Your Mark questionnaire which takes less than 60 seconds to complete.

Have you ever wondered what is going on in the UK Blogging industry? The people’s voice has always been important to us and with this ever changing industry, we want to hear from you. Have you say here.

Attend UKBA16
Copyright © 2016 National UK Blog Awards, All rights reserved.


Pro Se Productions has benefitted greatly from many relationships with other companies the last several years, most notably in our agreement with Radio Archives! And now we can share the hospitality and generosity of that partnership with YOU! Although Radio Archives is the producer of top quality Pro Se audiobooks, they also offer so much more. Having been a leader in the audio entertainment and Old Time Radio/Audiobook industries for decades, they produce the best in OTR restorations, audiobooks, and Pulp Ebooks! And You can now sample their work for FREE!
Simply send a blank email to and You will have an opportunity at Free Radio Archives Products! Tune in today, Pro Se Supporters, by sending an email to!

Copyright © 2016 Pro Se Productions, All rights reserved.


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