TV OR MOVIE? AND I LIED! (a bit….)

This week Steve writes a very short column about a new movie. Or is it new at all? It’s from a Japanese manga and animé series. And Steve has to go vote for himself in the Auroras. Will you be voting too?


It’s fortunate that Steve is reviewing Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Unfortunately, there are spoilers in this review. Fortunately, you don’t have to read it; you can just watch the series! Buona Fortuna!

Sequential Wednesdays #12 – Of Panels & Piracy

  If it hasn’t been made immensely clear: I adore comics.  As an artistic expression, a narrative medium, and physical object I can hold in my hands – shifting and sliding the all-too thin pages with my unfortunately greasy fingers – there’s an untenable magic to it.  I love comics and sometimes I download them. […]