AMAZING NEWS (the first from 2023) 1-8-2023

Adam Gaffen’s THE GHOSTS OF TANTOR! has been nominated for Best Indie Book of 2022.

Ground-based Astronomy still has something to say: a star nursery in Serpens

Paul Di Filippo draws our attention to Scott Edelman’s latest in Lightspeed Magazine

Roger Christenson of the Heinlien Society page highlights L. Sprague de Camp’s military career (with pics)

An amateur archaeologist has likely solved the riddle of ice age symbols on cave drawings

Colbert asks ancient “legs” riddle in reference to McCarthy win

Why the space baby?  Kubrick answers question about 2001’s ending in unearthed phone interview

Movie Marquees announcing 1951’s The Thing opening from Mark Onspaugh

FAAN Awards voting is ending soon

Moshe Feder highlights this Tom Gauld cartoon addressing AI writing program

Ancient scrolls, preserved by the Vesuvias eruption, are now being read, thanks to new X-ray technology

Allen Steele announces Captain Future website

Allen Mueller highlights the  Pulphouse Robert Sheckley volumes

The Sci Fi Snob reviews David Brin’s Uplift series (highly recommended)

Liquid blood extracted from 4,000 year old extinct horse foal

Norman Spinrad offers to add anyone who sends him an email to his upcoming NORMAN SPINRAD AT LARGE & COMMONS newsletter/publication

Al Sirois showcases some horrific AI art.  This is how an AI sees Disney parks (from Southside Ship Yards)

A two-legged fox, apparently born that way, survives and thrives on spam

I doubt we’ll hear any objections from the bees who are receiving the first ever honey bee vaccination

The awkward truth behind Avatar

Upcoming 2023 Space Missions

(Our featured image is from a gallery of AI art, apparently depicting Disney Parks as horror films)

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