New Releases in Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance for MAY 1

A big week for science fiction romance!

Here’s the weekly post from my author blog on the new releases I found to be of interest in my three favorite romance genres (which are also the ones I write in!), and related areas such as time travel, steampunk, paranormal cozy romances and more. I do sometimes cover other releases of note in science fiction and fantasy.

As always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts). I don’t pick up every single new release each week but try to provide a representative subset and lots of choices.

Here’s a teaser for this week’s first two books (jump to the blog to see the approximately 95+ titles featured this week):

KNIGHTQUEEN by Anna Hackett

Knightqueen Carys of Oron lives a life of duty to her people and planet. After the murder of her parents, she worked hard to become a fair and dedicated leader. She never expected to be abducted by the vicious Gek’Dragar and locked in a mountain prison, but having her head knightguard at her side makes it bearable. Older, scarred Sten is duty personified, the one man she’s always been able to trust. He’s also the only man she’s ever loved, not that she’s ever told him that. Knightguard Thorsten Carahan has sworn to protect his knightqueen, and lives and breathes her safety. He works hard to keep his mind on his duty, and not on the too young, too beautiful, and too kind queen who is way out of his league. But now they’ve escaped their enemy’s prison and are on the run on a dangerous planet. When they learn that the Gek’Dragar have created a lethal weapon to use against the Oronis, Sten knows he must get Carys home. But with danger at every turn, lines get blurred. With only each other to depend on, Carys and Sten’s bond of duty and respect tangles with forbidden desire and need. As passion flares, they can no longer deny their connection, and they will discover just how far they are willing to go for their people…and each other.


He is the cuddliest of teddy bears. A year after fleeing an abusive partner, Farah’s welcome in the refuge sheltering her is ending. With no money, no job, and no options, she’s floored to be presented with a marriage of convenience to an alien behemoth as a solution. Considering her recent ordeal, entering a relationship with a four-armed giant with herculean strength is the last thing she wants. But the sweet, respectful, and cuddly male she discovers behind that intimidating façade makes her feel safer than she has in years. She exceeds his wildest dreams. As the biggest and strongest male on Xoccoris, Krogal struggles with his people’s expectations that he should lead a warrior’s life instead of caring for wounded and helpless creatures in his veterinary clinic. When the Prime Mating Agency finally finds his soulmate, Krogal is mesmerized by the stunning and delicate little human she turns out to be. While her previous hardships stir his protective instincts, Farah’s inner strength and compassion dazzle him. But as their bond grows stronger, will the ghosts of her past destroy the future they’re trying to build together?

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