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Anime roundup 10/3/2019: Checking Out

In this week's viewing: Two enter, one leaves... and one has to go on the shelf until premiere time is over.

How Will Deepfake AIs Change Our World?

Deep Fakes may require AIs to identify

Plastic tea bags release billions of microplastic particles into every cup

Lots of Fans are Tea Afficianados...time to check out your brand's bags.
The Courier - Short Film

The Courier

A futuristic chase flick from RecursorTV

Flash Fiction Fun with the Classics

Flash fiction draws on literary classics

The future of the mind: Exploring machine consciousness

What does it mean to be "conscious"? If we don't know, how can we tell if AIs are?

Noticias Literatura 2-10

The Visions 2019 anthology chooses Asimov and mystery for its annual theme

Review: Journey to Where by Steven Paul Leiva

Journey to Where by Steven Paul Leiva is a fresh adventure that reads like a number of familiar SF classics, but with a hint of modern elements taken from today’s headlines.

Dramatic Sci-Fi | Sunday Night DUST

DUST has been offering up some great films; check out this roundup


Planets and meteors feature big this month

Take A Pinch of This Genre and A Spoonful of That Genre

Do authors think about genre classification while creating? Or only when it comes to listing it for the market?

We may have to abandon concrete to fight climate change, architectural experts say

Concret may have to go....can anyone say "architectural coral"?

Coming This Fall: Amazing Stories – TBA

Brief clips of one show from the up-coming Amazing Stories, coming this November on AppleTV+

History Unveiled: Did you know that the worst massacre of people of color...

100 years ago this week, a massacre of blacks took place - and to this day, hardly anyone knows anything about it.

Enough of Their Civilization: Foxfire, Wolfskin and Other Stories of Shapeshifting Women by Sharon...

Foxfire, Wolfskin and Other Stories of Shapeshifting Women is a collection of stories focusing on female shapeshifters in European myths and fairy tales

The Adventure of the Incognita Countess by Cynthia Ward: Book Review

The Adventure of the Incognita Countess was a curious combination of historical fiction, paranormal romance, and 1950’s sci-fi Martian movie noir.

Cover Launch: RANDOM SH*T FLYING THROUGH THE AIR by Jackson Ford

I guess if you're a gilr who can move sh*t with your mind, there's bound to be random sh* flying through the air...
Ownvoices Intersex

#OWNVOICES: Intersex Authors

QueerSciFi to feature intersex authors weekly

Lady of the Star Wind Flash Fiction

Flash fiction by Veronica Scott

Unleash the Horror of The Monster of Elendhaven by Jennifer Giesbrecht

In a world of wickedness and cruelty, a monster is born.

Watch: Octopus changes colors while (possibly) dreaming

Octo-goodness from Nature! Do octopi dream? If so, their color changes may reveal what they are dreaming about. Screw the "squids in space", we want octopusses in space.

The Origin Story We’ve Been Waiting For: The Rise of Kyoshi

 The authors inhabit Kyoshi’s inner world so seamlessly that all of her actions and development make sense, including her relationship to love. I loved that her queerness was treated as a normal part of her...

TV: Lynda Carter to Reprise Role as Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter will be returning to the role that made her famous

California researchers develop drug cocktail that reversesaging — results ‘remarkably promising’

...and how much will Big Pharma be charging for this cocktail?
Gill by Kieran Moreira, interview on Recursor.TV

Movie Magic: An Interview with Director Kieran Moreira

An interview with writter and director Kieran Moreira

House with a Library at the Heart

A budding writer's dream - growing up with a library in the house


Captain Future; female heroes in space; three black holes colliding; FTL being taken seriously, Dan Simmons screed; Elon Musk builds a silo; Kay Tarrant, George Lucas, Greta Thunberg, Boston Dynamics, Spider-Man and, believe it or not - more!


SPECIAL NOTE:  I submitted Filk lyrics to File 770 for a Pixel Scroll title;  Editor Glyer rejected it for that purpose but encouraged me to put it in the comments, so here's the link,...