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Anime roundup 7/23/2020: Robot Wars

In this week's viewing: The last of the summer premieres, plus the return of a cyborg friend and [BIG SPOILERS]

New Releases in Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance for JULY 23

Veronica's round up of new releases for this week

Kickstarter Countdown: T-Minus 50 Hours

We're REALLY close to meeting our goal. Help put us over the top!

Noticias Literatura 22-7

Finalists for the Premio Minotaura award and the selections for the Visions 2020 anthology


Voting closes tomorrow, Wednesday, July 22nd. There have been some minor glitches with some ballots, so please double check your vote.

What is the viewing experience of VR porn really like?

Want to know where the future is going? Don't read SF - study the porn industry. (Don't worry, this article is family-friendly.)

Hugo Award Finalists Raise Issues with CoNZealand Programming

CoNZealand is running into issues beyond those caused by the Pandemi

Interview: Author J. L. Bourne on Influences for TRILOBYTE and More

The machines brought society to its knees. Now, the last remaining humans fight for survival—and to take back what's theirs.

Notes for Stories Collect Dust While I Write OtherBooks

...for now the few notes and words there are reside in that bulging, never opened “Note for Stories” folder in the old beige file cabinet.


Well. Spanish language posts in the first three slots this week. Better bone up on your espanol!


Octopuses, Inquestors, Chevy Chase dethroned, and all of it taking place After Hastings....

S.P. Somtow’s Story Selected for The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2020

S.P. Somtow's Another Avatar to be published in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2020

“Fata Morgana”: la ciencia ficción de Ortiz Lemos

A review of Ecuadorian writer Andrés Ortiz Lemos collection Fata Morgana


This week Steve brings back—in honour of Shark Week—a column from six years ago about the SYFY movie Sharknado. Does it hold up? Maybe we’ll all have to watch it to find out!

CLUBHOUSE: Review: “The Light Between Stars” edited by Catherine Fitzsimmons

Catherine’s experience as a publisher offers a role model in terms of what it takes to make the commitment.

New #Sci-Fi #Romance Release: INTERSTELLAR PLAGUE by Veronica Scott

Promoting diverse authors in SF Romance

How to catch Comet NEOWISE before it’s gone

If you can't wait 6,800 years, you better get out there and look now

Anime roundup 7/16/2020: Slow Start

In this week's viewing: The first premieres of summer 2020, although not quite as many as you may have expected.

Novedades de Junio en Hispanoamérica

Hispano America's June Round up.

Noticias Literatura 15-7

UPV / EHU Faculty of Science and Technology calls for submissions to the XXXII edition of the Alberto Magno Literary Science Fiction Competition: Eduardo Gallego and Guillem Sánchez announce a new novel in their Unicorp series

Review: Ghost-Hunting for Dummies by Zak Bagans

Ghost-Hunting for Dummies by Zak Bagans is an insightful book that can provide both knowledge and entertainment for the aspiring paranormal investigator.
Science Fiction to Look for this June - Amazing Stories

Article populaire de juin.

Like the title says - June in French

Summer Reading Bingo Science Fiction Romance Style

Fill out your card! Win the satisfaction of finding some great SF Romance reads!


If you missed these, it's not too late. Hop into the Time Machine and check them out!

AMAZING NEWS FROM FANDOM: 7/12/20 Social Distance Edition

Charles Gannon; Dragon Con; Ed Kramer; Uncle Hugo's report; reConvene announced, far, far more

AMAZING NEWS: 7/12/20 Wear Your Mask Edition

Hoo boy! News is all over the map this week, from propeller beaning wearing dogs to Janelle Monae and more!

AmazingCon II: Thoughts, Plans, Madness

Come celebrate Amazing Stories and Science Fictions 95th Birthday with us next year

SF Unbound Interviewed Taiyo Fujii on COVID-19

An interview with Japanese author Taiyo Fujii, focusing on the Covid-19 Pandemic