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Short and Sweet – our Fifth Issue

We've really gone above and beyond with this, our latest issue. Twice the contents and full color artwork throughout.

Tonight on American Masters – Ursula K. Le Guin

Fames SF author Ursula K. Le Guin is featured tonight on PBS' American Masters

Table Salt Discovered in Europa’s Icy Oceans

The Exploitation of Space. Now all we need is to get the Space Camels packing along the Space Silk Road....

The Abyss: Jupiter’s Black Spot – Neatorama

Jupiter may have 'holes'.

New Research Reveals How to Combat Muscle Loss During Space Flights

Just what we need; astronauts jacked on testosterone, in an enclosed space for a very long time....

Innovative AI Machine Helps to Discover Signs of Psychotic Breaks

In order to train an AI on psychotic breaks, it was necessary to reactivate HAL

The Very Large Telescope Gets Upgrade in Hunt for Habitable Exoplanets | Digital Trends

A habitable planet in the Alpha Centauri system would certainly revive a lot of "out-dated" science fiction

New Releases in Science Fiction Romance

Anna Hackett's new release - Sentinel - is engendering happy dances; S.E. Smith's Saving Runt is no shortstack; Nancy Cumming's Pulled by the Tail reveals intergalactic want-ads - for wives! and four other new releases are reviewed

Anime roundup 8/1/2019: Boom Today

In this week's viewing: Dr. Stone reaches the gunpowder age, Granbelm ramps up the firepower, and more!

Aquanaut, an autonomous submarine that transforms into a humanoid robot / Boing Boing

All Hail Aquabot, our new submersible robotic overlord!

These Bizarre Objects May Have “Seeded” Supermassive Black Holes

The lexicon of "Dark" objects keeps growing. Now we can add "Dark Stars"

Toyota Aims To Put A Mirai Brother On The Moon In 2029

Moon People - THIS is the rover you've been looking for!

Review: Pimp My Airship by Maurice Broaddus

Pimp My Airship by Maurice Broaddus tells a beautiful story filled with mystery and wonder and just enough Steampunk elements to satisfy the hardened fan.

Good Omens: the Debate Rages

Is reading + imagination really better than couch-potatoing with the boobtube? This excerpt should suggest where we fall on the argument.

Noticias Literatura 31-7

Updates from the Spanish CF world: Cerbero to publish Kameron Hurley's God's War.

Expert: Future Robots Could Steal Your Children

There's two possible responses to this conjecture and they are "thank goodness!" or "about freakin time!"

The Biggest Concerns About GMO Food Aren’t Really About GMOs

Yeah, well, when you've got a tentacle growing out of your forehead and tomatoes growing from your ears, you may disagree with this piece.


Final voting for the awards closes tonight!

Scientists Are Terrified of SETI Research

They're not scared of what you think they might be scared of

Neom, megacity with its own moon, dinosaurs, and robots, reaches next phase  

Apparently, not only can you write science fiction, you can build it too

Mars Snow Globe Ditches Snow for Swirling Martian Dust Storm

Now we need a Titan snow globe - complete with raining hydrocarbons

The History of the Apollo Hasselblad, the First Camera on the Moon

Wally Schirra already owned this camera and realized it would be ideal for space missions. The rest of the story is a history in pictures.

Solar sail test successful so far! / Boing Boing

Sailing through space is a concept that goes back to 1610, but we're probably more familiar with it from stories like Sunjammer (Clarke) and The Mote in God's Eye (Niven-Pournelle)

India Successfully Launches Lunar Lander Toward The Moon

Chandrayaan-2 seeks to land on the Lunar south pole and deploy a rover that will search for evidence of surface ice.

A Jumbo Jet-Sized Asteroid Just Flew between the Earth and Moon

The International Asteroid Warning Network didn't spot this one until just three days before the flyby

Harvard University has a bold new plan to make Mars livable for humans

Aerogel could be used to create a solid state greenhouse effect, making it possible to grow plants.

AMAZING NEWS: 7/28/19 – Almost the End of July Edition (Also – Almost Time...

Afrofuturism, Stiles self-portrait, Two Ellison sightings, an RAH GoH speech from 1941, Amazing Stories up for Best Magazine award, Palestinian spec-fic, Rocket Boy talks to Congress, Soviet era satellite killer, Tarantino's Trek gets rid of Kelvin timeline, Dune wraps, Zero G Pee, Hugo Award voting coming to a close and the Fan who may have started the Moon Hoax conspiracy theory!


World Fantasy, British Fantasy, Seiuns, Rhyslings, Golden Heart, Neffy, Prix Rosny Aines, Inkpot, Inky, Prism, Aliance awards and shortlists; Hamill wins an Icon, Worldcon Business Meet agtenda and, the Philes' Phabulous Phandom(s) pixel scroll!mi