Comic Con London May 2023

Once again at the end of the month of May, I find myself at the Excel Centre in East London for MCM Comic Con London May 2023.

I arrived early in the morning on Saturday, and found the usual collection of costumers and cosplayers already at the con. There’s always an amazing mix of people and their costumes on display; the ride in on the Elizabeth Line had an ever-growing number of con-goers getting on as we got closer and closer to the East End. I headed straight to the main entrance of the Excel and was directed to the place to pick up my press pass.

I’ve been to MCM Comic Con many times in the past, but it always gets to me the number of participants and the vastness of the event. It pretty much took over the main floor of the centre and did not disappoint.

To give anyone out there whose never been to a con an idea, I’m posting a selection of my photos from the day and then some photos from other photographers at the event. Here we go.

First of all there’s a Doctor roaming just outside the main hall entrance:

And a convenient detailed map of the centre and what’s going on in the different venues:

There’s always lots of vendors and their wares, most anything you can imagine you can find at comic con:

One particularly interesting photo opportunity:

And this made me laugh out loud:

Cosplay central is always buzzing:

Then I took a break from all the indoor activity and went to see how the crowds outside were. There’s always lots of costumers and cosplayers gathering in groups, great photo ops in the open space between the centre and the yacht hotel along the river. Here’s just a few of them:

Jesus! (haha)

I sometimes have a hard time telling if they’re actual Police Officers or just in costume:

Two more Doctors discussing the con:

And it just wouldn’t be a London Comic Con without a shot of Mr. Whippy!

And now to show off some of the best of the best costumers and cosplayers. The first set are from Chris Twamley:

Next set are from Liam Daly:

And last set are from Mark Robinson:

Sadly, this is the first year that I did not see anyone dressed as Wally (Waldo for the U.S. folks). Oh well, maybe next year.

If you’d like to see previous articles on Comic Con, check here, here, here – you get the point. Or if you’re interested in why I specify costumers AND cosplayers, look here.

For more photos of the cons, see the other photographers here, here, here.

That’s about all from Comic Con London May 2023. Until next time, keep on geekin’!


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