London Con – May 2019

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With the 50th edition of Comic-Con coming up next week in San Diego – featured on the likes of such shows as Big Bang Theory – it seemed appropriate timing for me to give my thoughts on the MCM Expo/Comic Con. I had the pleasure of attending Expo the last weekend in May this year. There are lots of photos that follow my musings. Great costumes were everywhere.

This years theme:
As always, it was a great day at the con. I started my day out with a nice walk across the bridge from the Canning Town Tube station to the Excel Centre. Arriving early, the crowds were beginning to gather. People in costume coming from most of the hotels that surround the event venue, queuing (as the British say) to enter. My Press permission shown to the chap at the entrance, I went to the Press Desk to sign in and get my badge. After the usual prepping my camera with fresh batteries and a new SD card, I was ready to get started.

There were already quite a few of people roaming around the venue and more coming all the time. The halls filled quickly. Most of the vendors were quite busy selling their wares – everything from prints and animation cells to Japanese treats; action figures and games to costumes and accessories. Costume groups signing up new members. Tables were set up for the celebrities signing autographs and those clamoring for those elusive autographs had begun to line up.

It was a good day. Enough from me about it. Here’s what a lot of people go to a con for – to see the costumes – from the creepy to the sublime; the art; the guests, and a chance to be with friends old and new. Enjoy!

And a special tip of the hat to my friends Sam and Rose:  
Vendors of all things great and geeky:  

It wouldn’t be Con in London without Mr. Whippy!  

Or a stop for that caffeine fix  

And a break outside  

The special photo-op booth set up by MCM  

One amazing artist showing off his prowess  

Sadly, I did not see Wally (Waldo) this year. Oh well, there’s always next con.

For more on San Diego Comic-Con check out their website:

For information on the next London MCM go here:

And, check out last year’s con here:


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