JK Klein Convention Photos

There were – NO WOMEN IN FANDOM BEFORE TREK – gets a reponse listing many of the women who WERE in Fandom before Trek

Space Force may lose its Intellectual Property to Space Force

The Audio Recording from a Iguanacon (1978 Worldcon) Panel titled Fans into Pros, with Harlan Ellison, Ted White, Bob Silverberg, Terry Carr and Richard Lupoff

RIP Denny O’Neil More than just Batman

Cleaning Up Genre Iconography:  Magic: The Gathering removes some cards from play

Washington Post Book Reviewer is Getting Rid of Books

NK Jemisin and W. Kamau Bell get together to talk SF, Afrofuturism and more

Al Jaffe at 99 is no longer Mad

FL Genre-Related Con Goes Live

You Can’t Build a Galactic Civilization on Those Numbers:  Astronomers newly estimate that there are between 4 and 211 advanced civilizations in our galaxy, with a Mean of 36.  (No, Mean doesn’t mean that there are 36 alien civilizations out to get us.  It’s like the miners in Galaxy Quest:  they’re Miners, not Minors.  The fact that those civilizations are the Mean, doesn’t mean they’re mean)

Eight Issues of the Fantasy Fan fanzine

Who’s Who in Fandom from 1940

Some Praise for AmazingCon

Hey!  Check out this Dog Vomit.  It’s really fascinatingly beautiful!

This May Help You Understand Juneteenth

Some thoughts on Warren Ellis

Taken the Bechdel?  Try the DuVerney

RIP Ian Holm.  More than just Ash


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