London Comic Con May 2018

London Comic Con May 2108

Comic con in London was a blast! It has only been a couple of weeks since I was there, and the day is so vividly entrenched in my thoughts. There was so much to do and see – interesting guests, great costumes and cosplays, gaming, food, and vendors galore.

To Begin the Journey

My day started leaving from Paddington Station in central London. It was the first time we stayed in that area and the Tube journey to the Excel Centre in the east end of London is quite easy. Two other geeky-types got on at the station with me. As we moved closer and closer to the Excel, the train filled with costumed folk.

Still a little ways out from East London, a group of 10 young men got on and stood around me as there were no seats left. They were discussing their “plan of attack” for con. Besides the normal seeing, doing, and buying, they outlined the game they were playing while there. They would collect points for a preordained list of characters when spotted – one point for each – and they would dock one point for every Harley Quinn they saw. First one to thirty points would win. We arrived at our station; I never did find out what the prize was. Oops! Just lost one point.

A Perfect Day

The weather started out a bit cloudy and dreary when I left Paddington. By the time I got to the Excel Centre, the sun had come out and the con-goers were coming from all directions.

I walked up the steps and into the Excel, where I was directed to the press office. I picked up my press pass and was ready to get to work – if you can call this work.

There’s a large setup of the new MCM logo for con-goers to pose with.

A large DC presence

The debate rages on

Vendors of all sorts

Including a few “odd” ones

There were green men

Great cars

And for those needing a break there were alternate activities. The London/British Origami Society

A place just to chill


And that much needed costume repair station – always busy

Lots of celebs signing autographs and posing for pictures. How the British do know how to queue!

But, let’s face it. Most of us are there for the amazing costumes and cosplays. Here’s but a small sampling of some of the incredible work I saw

And where would we be without a gaggle of Deadpools?

You can almost hear the Imperial March, can’t you?

Perhaps with a reggae beat?

And here’s the only Stormtrooper to hit anything

A princess gotta take that call

Lost another point!

He has the right idea, nothing more relaxing than chillin’ on a unicorn

And still they come. Saw these two coming from the hotel in the borough as I was leaving for the train

All-in-all, a great con as it always is. Sadly I won’t be in London for the October con, but hopefully will be back again for next May. See you there!


MCM Link for London

Link for all MCM Cons

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