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Novedades de Enero en Hispanoamérica

The HispanoAmerican roundup for January


A review of the comic Snarked! forms a preview to a con report on London's MCA event


Steve is not a big fan of the movie Aquaman. In fact, he’s not even a little fan of Aquaman; he thinks the movie s(t)inks!

London Comic Con May 2018

London Comic Con - cohabiting costumes and cosplay (lots of pichurs!)

Super Heroínas Peruanas.

Short interviews with the creators and writers of Peruvian SuperHeroines La Chola Power and Girl Caffeine. (This is really cool!)

Comic Con London – Photos Galore

A plethora of awesome photos from MCM Comic Con, London.

Comic Con May 2017 – London, baby!

Comic Con in London is a star-studded, all-out geektacular three days of fun, food, celebrities, and costumes, costumes, and more costumes.

Why Wonder Woman Works

Wonder Woman is the movie we - and the DC universe - needed.

De Razas y Sexos (segundo round)… Pasando por la Muerte de...

Tanya Tynjala responds to critics of her column decrying the sexism in some fandom.

London Comic Con May 2016

MCM Expo Comic Con goes to the Cosplayers!

La xénoécologie dans les bd de SF françaises : 2 incontournables

Two long running, popular comic series from France.

The Great Collection in the Sky

"Collecting" online precludes the need for shelves

Les bandes dessinées françaises de space opera

Fabien continues his series on French Space Opera by taking a look at popular series.

Cosplay vs. Inspirations, Side-by-side Comparisons

Being a member of several groups that enjoy cosplay, costuming, etc., does give access to a world of lively discussions. One recent discussion which...

Entrevista con el Premiado Artista Finlandés Petri Hiltunen

A multi-language interview with Finnish cartoon and comic artist Petri Hiltunen

MCM Comic Con Fall Edition

Where do Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Batman, Boba Fett, the Borg, and Captain Jack Sparrow hang out?

Novedades de Agosto en Hispanoamérica

Genre happenings in Spanish

Crossplay and Gender-bending Cosplay

Crossplay: who says Captain America has to be a guy? Who says that only girls can dress up as Black Widow?

Graphic Poetry Review: Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town

Graphic Poetry? This might be the very FIRST graphic poetry book evah!

“Angelus Hostis”: el ángel de la historia atrapado ante el futuro...

An Ecuadorian graphic science fiction novel!

The Making Of A Doctor for the Enterprise

The epic journey of Homer's Odyssey has nothing on this journey!

Scide Splitters: Brainz, Inc. by Ron Goulart

Scide Splitters examines reader recommend Brainz, Inc. – Ron Goulart’s hilarious and fast paced, SF detective novel.


Steve begins an exploration of superhero comics at the very beginning!

ValleyCon 40

A con report on ValleyCon 40

Novedades de Agosto en Hispanoamérica.

The latest from Hispanoamerica

My Favourite Apocalypse, or: The N’Yark City of Mighty Samson

“A once-great city lies in ruins, overgrown by a dense jungle. Strange glowing mists hover ominously, remains of a great nuclear war which devastated the planet.

Review: New Life and New Civilizations (ed.) Joseph F. Berenato

The history of Star Trek comics. (We've got one coming that's not in the book!)

Excerpt: WHO WACKED ROGER RABBIT by Gary K. Wolf

An excerpt from Gary K. Wolf's third Roger Rabbit novel. This time with Gary Cooper, not to mention our favorite slobbering rabbit and his too good to be a toon wife, Jessica.

Top 20 Vampires in Books & Literature

With so many vampires (vampyres) to choose from, you're bound to find one that tastes just right!

Interview with Kat Rocha of 01 Publishing: Digging for Gold

An interview with the founder of a new genre publishing venture.