Blogger Invitado: Carlos Enrique Saldívar. Presentación de la Revista Crononautas.

Introducing the new Magazine of fantastic literature and science fiction - Crononautas

Anime roundup 5/28/2020: Eyes on the Prize

In this week's viewing: Tower of God starts its high-stakes game of tag, My Next Life as a Villainess has a competition of a different sort, and more!

Noticias Literatura 27-5

A call for submissions for Metahumano


This week Steve retros back to 1958, taking a look at a fantasy musical, “Damn Yankees,” with Tab Hunter and Gwen Verdon. Did he like it? Seems like it, doesn’t it?

Anime roundup 5/21/2020: The Wrong Team

In this week's viewing: Tower of God and My Next Life as a Villainess go for some team sports, and more!

“Mi amigo Quyllur”: una fábula de ciencia ficción ecuatoriana

Voyager's golden disc prompts aliens to seek Earth in Mi amigo Quyllur, a film based on the eponymous novel by Renato Mendizábal Guillén

Noticias Literatura 20-5

The response to calls for submissions to the anthology BarrioPunk have been excellent; Omicron Theory magazine accepting submissions; Circle of Lovecraft magazine also calling for submissions

“Kurs, la búsqueda”: la eterna lucha entre bien el y mal

A review of Kurs, The Search by Kuraina Setrakianun, a novel that takes us back to before the big bang

Novedades de Abril en Hispanoamérica.

The latest in new releases, magazine issues, conventions and more in Hispanoamerica

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Pulp Literature Magazine issue #26

If you’re like me, a voracious reader with eclectic yet widespread tastes, you’ll read it from cover to cover and be well satisfied.

Anime roundup 5/14/2020: Interlude

In this week's viewing: My Next Life as a Villainess goes on vacation, Tower of God lets its hero catch his breath, and more!

Noticias Literatura 13-5

Announcing the Kelvin award and the second Interac SF Script writing contest

Repetition, repetition, repetition….

With so many people engaging in tasks that are often thought of as repetitive (baking all kinds of breads and cakes, sewing and crocheting and knitting and long involved projects like filling coloring books or creating mandalas...) these kinds of time-waster games are filling a similar need.

Libros Gratis Durante la Cuarentena

Some suggestions for combatting quarantine ennui

Anime roundup 5/7/2020: Laws of Attraction

In this week's viewing: Love spoils everything in Tower of God, might rescue everything in Listeners, and more!

Noticias literatura 6-5

The latest issue of Windumanoth magazine

Bordeando el país de los ciegos

Retro-review of H.G. Wells' The Country of the Blind

Anime roundup 4/30/2020: Taking the Plunge

In this week's viewing: Listeners sets up a classic falling villain, My Next Life as a Villainess gets the main plot going, and more!

Noticias literatura 29-4

Imaginary Geographies is the theme of this novel contest

Anime roundup 4/23/2020: Blue Skies

In this week's viewing: Appare-Ranman finds its hook, My Next Life as a Villainess is way too optimistic, and more!

“El beso de la sirena vampiro”: fantasía ecuatoriana

We are in a world of castles and enchantments. Torian, the protagonist prince, must face his destiny, between marrying or following the path offered by a vampire mermaid. Vampire Mermaid! Who needs more than that!?!

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Santiago’s Purple Skies at Morning’s Light, a supernatural fantasy...

A newly-orphaned young lady from small-town Ontario winds up coming of age on a Caribbean island that, like her, is haunted by legends of its past.

Anime roundup 4/16/2020: Work In Progress

In this week's viewing: A few more premieres, and a second look at last week's standouts.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: A God in Chains, a fantasy adventure by Matthew...

Let A God in Chains pull you in - The further into it you get, the deeper you are drawn into the quest, the greater your desire to find out what happens next.

Guest Post: The Mythological Moorings of Alchemy of Glass By Barbara...

Since you can't go to the readings and signings, Amazing Stories brings them to you! Learn about the world-building and historical background for Barbara Barnett's Apothecary series!

Anime roundup 4/9/2020: Attack of the Clones

In this week's viewing: The first helping of spring premieres, featuring way too many mobile game adaptations.

Noticias Literatura 8-4

Apache editions releases, a new contest and online presentations - with translation - to help you while away the hours

Acerca de una antología de ciencia ficción finlandesa

Northern lights: anthology of Finnish science fiction (Osuuskumma International, 2016), edited by Magdalena Hai and Anne Leinonen is an interesting and novel proposal to approach, in Spanish, Finnish science fiction and fantasy.


Steve continues his F&SF reviews with the current (Mar-Apr) issue. He finds it a nice blend of SF (even some “hard SF”) and fantasy (even “hard” fantasy!).

Anime roundup 4/2/2020: There’s Always a Catch

In this week's viewing: The winter season all wraps up, for a nice tidy transition to spring.