New Releases

AMAZING THINGS: Night Shade Books Announces a Sale on Dorsai

(Whenever you can get Dorsai on the cheap, it’s a bargain!) Night Shade Books today announced that Gordon R. Dickson’s Hugo Award winning tale of interstellar mercenaries – Soldier, Ask Not – is now on sale. Soldier, Ask Not was originally published in 1964 and kicked off Dickson’s Childe Cycle of stories, featuring, among many […]

AMAZING RELEASES: Amazing Stories Classics Presents SEEDS OF LIFE by John Taine

AMAZING STORIES CLASSICS PRESENTS SEEDS OF LIFE: A Novel of Evolution’s Fires Amazing Stories Classics is proud to bring this landmark novel from the pages of the Amazing Stories Quarterly Oct 1931 (Fall issue) —with all of its original Wesso magazine illustrations—back before the reading public. “A superb tale that every lover of science fiction will […]

AMAZING THINGS: William Shatner Talks Cops & Robots Fiction at ORIM

Open Road Integrated Media has put together a collection of space detective tales (where’s Gil ‘the Arm’?) and are promoting it with an interesting video featuring William Shatner, Simon R. Green, Walter Mosley, and Liz Williams, all authors who have dabbled in the space procedural realm. You can see the video here, and check out their […]

AMAZING THINGS: One Week Until Scalzi Comes To New Hampshire

John Scalzi is on a nationwide book tour for his latest release – Lock In. Yours truly will be in attendance when that tour arrives in Concord, NH;  hopefully several other members of the Amazing Stories team will be there as well (though I suspect our larger cousin to the East – Boston – is […]