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Alan Dean Foster is a favorite author of mine;  a few years back I interviewed him about his collection of personal travel essays collected in the book Predators I Have Known (a delightful and informative look at our world, the creatures we share the planet with and Alan’s own personal take on environmental issues.  I admire his insistence that our biggest – undiscussed issue – is population), which pretty much establishes him as an author skilled in a wide variety of genres – original science fiction (the Flynx and Pip adventures, , the Tran-Ky-Ky trilogy), novelizations (Alien, Splinter of the Minds Eye), light, humorous fantasy in the Spellsinger series, horror (Into the Out Of), historicals (Maori) and humorous science fiction, of which Quozl is exemplary.

I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by an Alan Dean Foster read and when it comes to humor, he is a master of not only creating implausible situations and making them work, but also a master of the genre in-joke and not averse to the occasional (deliberately awful) pun.

quozlFrom the Open Road Media release:

Quozl is a quirky, humor-filled romp that asks deep philosophical questions even as it gives readers much to laugh about. In Quozl, rabbit-like aliens (that, of course, have a procreation problem) plan to colonize planet Earth, only to find that there are sentient creatures already living there: humans.

The bestselling author of over 120 books, Foster has shown an incredible ability to“[handle] the collision of cultures, the inevitable, uniquely,” while never letting the reader forget that “science fiction is fun; it is the fun of speculation” (Library Journal).

The always “fun” Quozl will appeal to children and adults alike.

Open Road Media has a a good and growing selection of his works – start with Quozl and you won’t be disappointed.

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