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AMAZING THINGS: Jack Strong by Walter Mosley

A new release from Walter Mosley and Open Road Integrated media.

The Secrets Behind Wingman’s Battle Scenes

"Where do you get your ideas from?" Mack Maloney, author of the Wingman series, answers the perennial question.

AMAZING THINGS: BFI/Palgrave Team Up for Days of Fear and Wonder

Palgrave Macmillan releases a series of in-depth film critiques to accompany the BFI's SciFi Days of Fear and Wonder coming this October.

IT’S COMING! A Review of SHARKNADO! and a hint….

Steve takes on SyFy and Sharknado--with a glimpse of Sharknado 2!

AMAZING THINGS: Open Road Media Publishes Martian Summer

Martian Summer, My Ninety Days with Interplanetary Pioneers, Temperamental Robots, and NASA’s Phoenix Mars Mission

AMAZING PEOPLE: Mark Iles Releases The Cull Of Lions

Darkening Stars Book 2 is now available!

Post Más Populares de Junio

Tanya rounds up the past months' offerings in translation.

Novedades de Junio en Hispanoamérica

Tanya brings us the latest Spanish releases for the month of June.

AMAZING THINGS: Tom Purdom Named Geek of the Week

Fantastic Books releases the ebook edition of Tom Purdom's collection to celebrate his elevation to Geek of the Week status

Reseña de Libro: Buenos Aires Próxima

A review of the new anthology from the publishers of Proxima Centauri, edited by our own Laura Ponce!

Review: Rollerball Blu-ray (Twilight Time edition)

Post fall of communism, with governments subservient to corporate paymasters, Rollerball seems like a much greater, more prescient, film now than the one I originally saw back in 1976. Today Rollerball surely stands as one of the most underrated films of the 1970s and one of the most thought-provoking and rewarding SF films ever made.

Reseña de libro: Hananpacha, en Busca de la Libertad por Iván...

Tanya reviews Ivan Prado's Hananpracha

5 Reasons Why Tor’s ‘Imprint’ Will Sky Rocket!

Tor's new imprint - Imprint - promises an interesting future

MOVIE REVIEW: Robocop the Remake—Good, Bad or Ugly?

Robocop 2014: better than the original? Or worse?

Novedades de Mayo en Hispanoamérica

May's genre news from Hispanoamerica

AMAZING THINGS: New Darkover Anthology

Darkover returns with this anthology of new stories.

Reseña de Libro: Once Tiempos del Futuro de Carlos Suchowolski ...

A review of Once Tiempos del Futuro by the Argentinian author Carlos Suchowolski.


CE Martin announces the latest release in his Stone Soldiers series - Terracota

BOOK REVIEW: The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction Vol....

Does Macy's tell Gimbels? This week a review of the upcoming "Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction Vol. 2"

Novedades de Marzo-Abril en Hispanoamérica.

The latest and greatest from the spanish speaking (writing) genre world!

REVIEW: Deadbeat (2014 Hulu Original)

Overweight scruffy slackers seem to be a fan favorite character.


A new book release from one of our own