C. E. Martin has just released the latest in his Stone Soldier series.

Here’s the release:


Date: 5/15/2014

81-sNjpgJvL._SL1500_To stop a war between China and the U.S., the Stone Soldiers have to take on a mad General armed with the greatest magical weapons from history!

General Zou Zheng Duan is a man driven by ambition—the ambition to rule the world. He believes that a China under his guidance can do just that, defeating even the United States. But first he has to make them fight. To do that, Zou has stolen the greatest magical artifacts in history from beneath the Forbidden City. Chief among these weapons of magical destruction is the Nlai Wan—the Clay Cloud—an alchemical bomb capable of turning living matter to hard, brittle clay. Zou believes that releasing the bomb on America will trigger the world war he so desperately needs. Unfortunately for him, the Stone Soldiers already know he’s coming…

May 15, 2014 – Indie writer C.E. Martin releases another fast-paced pulp-thriller in his Stone Soldiers series that features modern super soldiers battling the supernatural around the world.

For Terrorcota, the action starts in the American heartland when a rogue Chinese General unleashes an alchemical weapon, the Nlai Wan, that will kill hundreds of thousands gathered for a fireworks display in Kentucky. After stopping the terrorist attack before it happens, America’s super soldiers next find themselves rushing to Colorado where Zuo has taken over a small town and threatens to unleash Nlai Wan missiles all over the Western United States. But the General won’t be an easy foe to defeat as he also stolen the ancient artifacts of the Eight Immortals, turning himself into an unstoppable, supernatural juggernaut.

The Stone Soldiers are America’s greatest defense against the forces of darkness—men turned to living stone, nearly invulnerable to most conventional weapons and strong enough to face the toughest of monsters. Joined by their own werewolf, vampire, and a team of psychics, the Stone Soldiers respond swiftly to supernatural threats around the globe, stopping evil in its tracks.

C.E. Martin is a former USAF Security Forces law enforcement specialist and criminal justice investigator. Combining the fantastical stories he heard in the USAF with seventeen years of experience in the criminal justice system, he forges over-the-top tales of pulp action as an independent author.

Terrorcota is currently available on Kindle and is coming soon to iTunes,, Barnes and Noble and many other fine ebook sellers.

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You can learn more about CE Martin and read his posts here.

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