AMAZING NEWS: 9/6/20: Post WorldCon Used to be on Labor Day Edition

SPECIAL NOTE:  Amazing Stories Summer 2020 issue has been published and will shortly be available from magazine outlets; subscriptions will be fulfilled soon as well.

OTHER SPECIAL NOTESl  First, Former Black Astronaut relates fear of cops, not fear of launching
Second:  Style-wise – Capitalize the ‘B’ in Black when referring to People

David Gerrold posts a touching image of the author as Grandpa

Speaking of…Here’s the lighting sequence of the Enterprise at MOSF Escape Velocity

A Taste of Unimagined Futures:  No one wants used clothing anymore

QAnon is Aligning Itself With Evangelism (Two, Two, Two Conspiracy Theories in One!)

Truth Revealed:  Gladys Picks the Hugo Winners

Rocketeer Redux:  Pilot reports “Guy in a jetpack” to tower.

Supercomputer crunches Covid numbers:  comes up with potential treatments and theory

Nnedi Okorafor’s Ikenga will have an audio edition

Roddenberry Never Wanted Stewart

Take a nice tour through this multipart explanation of the Great Filter explanation for the Fermi Paradox

BCSFAzine #544 is now available

Cold War Redux:  Check out this interactive map of US Cold War Nuclear Targets

Forget the Shuggoths and Cthulhu:  Beware this Lovecraft Country Writing Contest

Ansible for September 2020

In 1930, some fashion designers were asked to demonstrate what clothing (for women) would look like in the year 2000.

Comic book writer turned Director to push forward with OVERTIME
London, UK – Mario Covone, writer of 2014’s critically acclaimed Reaper Comics horror series, VIDEO NASTY was set to release his feature film directorial debut ‘OVERTIME’ earlier this year. Due to Covid 19, the project has been dormant, but Covone is adamant that he will release the movie before Christmas and has announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the DVD’s and Blu Ray’s.

Arc Manor/Phoenix Pic announces Norstrilia release; latest issue of Galaxy’s Edge, notes a nice review of the anthology And the Last Trump Shall Sound


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