(Some items from last week may be a bit dated)

LATE BREAKING:  Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki was reportedly detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities at the Los Angeles Airport on February 23. LA author Woody Dismukes has been asking people to signal boost this message:

Al Sirois is published in Black Cat magazine

Scott Edelman unveils Julie Czerneda’s origin story

Jean Marie Stine discussed sin and science fiction in this podcast

Beware of Stalkerware related: spyware victim to be compensated

Adam Gaffen reminds us of our current time and place in the universe

Mainstream review of The Last of Us

Anson MacDonald or Robert A. Heinlein – Readers decide

Clarke shares graph of AI submissions

Hasbro’s 4th Quarter Earnings (owns D&D, Wizards of the Coast)

Chip Dishes on Disch

Jim Burns:  Cool art

Guinan hosts The View

Creating Dr. Who’s Theme Music

Spoiled Warning:  Will Smith I Am Legend sequel announced

Using AIs to Ghost Write

Audible is offering an SF Bundle

More Last of Us: Menstrual Cups & Guns

Ray Nelson’s son Walter shares a tribute to his father

Noah Chinn takes a crack at AI

The power of conspiracy-thinking (PTSD can encourage such thinking)

Yet Another Exo Planet that Should Not Be

Puppies in the Washington Examiner (complaining about JK Rowling’s “erasure”

John Scalzi predicts the future, the far future and the far far future

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