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Milton Davis and the WSFA announceThe Spacefunk table of contents

Go outside tonight and watch the sky fall:  Perseids

A guide to Neopronouns and how to use them

An ancient skull found, unlike any other

Virgin Galactic Begins Operations (anyone got a spare 250K?)

Paul Di Filippo shares an interesting bit of SF literary history

Shades of the Fabulous Riverboat:  3,000 year old Arrowhead made from meteoric iron unearthed

Ancient drawings discovered

India’s Moon mission successfully enters lunar orbit

Michale Swanwick shares a review of one of his latest collections

Announcing Between Dystopias: The Road to Afropantheology

Study:  Insects probably feel pain.  (Anyone who has ever watched a mantis chow down on a grasshoppers head can testify!) (I mean, well DUH!  They have a nervous system and pain is an alarm signal meant to keep beings alive and help avoid danger.  DU UH!)

Read this.  The go to a con.  SO much more will make sense.  (A real convention, run by real fans)

Glasgow 2024 WorldCon press release (a real convention)

Writer Beware tackles author authenticity programs

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