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Tanya takes a deep dive into her own novel Ada Lyn

AMAZING PEOPLE: Tanya Tynjala to Present Best Fan Writer Hugo

Amazing's Spansish Language Editor to present!

Excerpt: The City of Noctividents by Tanya Tynjälä

Wriixka awakens one fine crimson sunny morning to discover that she has grown wings.

AMAZING PEOPLE: Tanya Tynjala’s Novel Now In Ebook

Tanya Tynjala, our hard working Spanish Language Editor (and recruiter of Spanish speaking talent par excellence - which probably ought to be rendered as por...

Conociendo a Tanya Tynjäla – Escritora de CF

Tanya Tynjäla - Escritora de Cf y Fantasía. Profesora de francés.   M. C. Carper para Amazing Stories Magazine: Hola ¿Quién eres? Preséntate con tus palabras,...

Tanya Tynjala

Tanya Tynjälä is a science fiction and fantasy writer, specializing in childrens and young adults and short fiction. She was born in Peru and...

Nuevo Libro: Painajaismuisto, Monster Dreams, El Monstruo del Sueño de J.S. Meresmaa

A TRILINGUAL (English, Spanish, Finnish) horror novel debuts (spanish translation by our own Tanya Tynjala)

De Razas y Sexos (segundo round)… Pasando por la Muerte de Micha

Tanya Tynjala responds to critics of her column decrying the sexism in some fandom.

Novedades de Julio en Hispanoamérica

Book releases, critical writings and interviews and symposia on the literature of the fantastic in Latin America are recapped by Tanya Tynjala.

De Razas y Sexos Pasando por Gente que Parece no Tener una Vida Real

Tanya Tynjala takes on sexism in Spanish fandom.

Top Post de Junio

Tanya Tynjala gives a rundown of article that appeared on the Amazing Stories Web site in June for Spanish readers.


Lalo has crossed the rainbow bridge. Our condolences to Tanya Tynjala.

Finncon 2014. Fotos/Photos

Tanya Tynjala's photographic report on Finncon (in Spanish AND English!)

Novedades De Enero en Hispanoamérica

Tanya Tynjala returns with a roundup of genre happenings in Hispanoamérica.

Novedades de Diciembre en Hispanoamérica

Tanya Tynjala reviews the latest happenings in the Spanish speaking science fiction world.

Entrevista con la Escritora Galesa Jo Walton

Tanya Tynjala interviews Hugo and Nebula award winning author Jo Walton at 2013's Swecon.

Interview with Jo Walton (English)

Tanya Tynjala translates her talk with Jo Walton (a first? A translated Spanish language interview with an award winning Welsh author conducted at a Swedish science fiction convention?)

¿Qué está pasando? Acoso sexual y racismo en la Ciencia Ficción.

Tanya Tynjala addresses the issue of sexism in Science Fiction outside the confines of the English speaking world,

Articles populaires d’octobre

October roundup for French readers

Les articles populaires de septembre

September's most popular posts, with headlines translated into French!

Les articles populaires de septembre

Our most popular posts, rendered in Francais
Short and Sweet – our Fifth Issue

Les articles populaires d’août 2019

Steve Davidson nous présente le cinquième numéro de la revue https://amazingstories.com/2019/08/short-and-sweet-our-fifth-issue/ https://amazingstories.com/2019/08/today-i-got-nothing/ R Graeme Cameron présente une anthologie assez particulière https://amazingstories.com/2019/07/clubhouse-review-broken-sun-broken-moon-a-surreal-anthology-by-brent-hayward/ Steve Fahnetalk rend hommage à Leigh Brackett https://amazingstories.com/2019/08/leigh-brackett-queen-of-pulp-takes-on-mars/ R Graeme...
Short and Sweet – our Fifth Issue

Les articles populaires d’août 2019

For our French readers, a roundup of our popular posts from August.

La Invasión Finlandesa de Cuba

Introducing regular coverage of the Cuban science fiction magazine - KORAD


Editorials, Mark Hogancamp, mermaids and Canadian fiction round out our most popular posts

TIME MACHINE (Dial Set for July 20, 1969)

There's gotta be a lotta love for wizards out there...plus amazing amount of foreign language posts making the top of the list! 1

Pórtico, Encuentro de Ciencia Ficción en Argentina.

An interview with Chinchiya Arrakena, one of the organizers of Portico, a meeting series created to disseminate local, regional and national science fiction production, strengthen the relationship between the scientific-technological field and the science fiction community.


Armstrong on the Moon, Christopher Lee, EmDrive experiments, Latin SF, modern myth, the Illustrated Dune...

AMAZING NEWS Revenge of the Fifth Edition 5/5/19

The first actor considered to play Spock will surprise you (if you watched 60s sitcoms); Chinese Moon Base; Cons and Measles; Gamergate and anti-semitism, even paintball gets in the genre mix this week!