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Noticias Literatura 16-9

Announcing the Premio UPC and Minotauro awards and a new logo for Portico

Noticias Literatura 12-9

A review of Windumanoth #10 featuring an interview with Richard Morgan and Tim Pratt and the art of Breogán Álvarez.

Noticias Literatura 9-9

The second issue of MetaHumana magazine is released and an anthology - Scientific Fiction - rounds up the year's stories from the titular website.

Noticias literatura 26-8

Victor Conde announces two new novels - El beso de Copacati (Dolmen) and 6 a.m. In the marsh at the edge of the universe

Noticias Literatura 19-8

Fantastica Without Borders launches issue 7

Noticias Literatura 12-8

miNatura announces a new writing contest

Noticias Literatura 5-8

The rules for an International Award for Illustrated Album of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Noticias Literatura 29-7

HISPACON XXXVIII , to be held on November 13, 14 and 15, will host a new edition of the Domingo Santos Contest

Noticias Literatura 22-7

Finalists for the Premio Minotaura award and the selections for the Visions 2020 anthology

Noticias Literatura 15-7

UPV / EHU Faculty of Science and Technology calls for submissions to the XXXII edition of the Alberto Magno Literary Science Fiction Competition: Eduardo Gallego and Guillem Sánchez announce a new novel in their Unicorp series

Noticias Literatura 8-7

The digital magazine Metahumano got such great response with their first issue, they're now calling for submissions for the second

Noticias Literatura 1-7

Announcing the finalists for the Premios Ignotus Award 2020

Noticias Literatura 24-6

Metahuman unveils its first issue; Pragma Prize for science fiction

Noticias Literatura 17-6

Hispacon 2020 postponed: new publications - Helice and the anthology Kalpa V

Noticias Literatura 10-6

An interview with Pablo Loperena, author of "Ciudad Nómada, Rebaño Misería": Aeternum puts out a call for submissions to EXTRAHUMANS - MUTATIONS

Noticias Literatura 3-6

Asimov Foundation introductory conference; Tentacle Number 8 released; Celsius 232 conference

Noticias Literatura 27-5

A call for submissions for Metahumano

Noticias Literatura 20-5

The response to calls for submissions to the anthology BarrioPunk have been excellent; Omicron Theory magazine accepting submissions; Circle of Lovecraft magazine also calling for submissions

Noticias Literatura 13-5

Announcing the Kelvin award and the second Interac SF Script writing contest

Noticias literatura 6-5

The latest issue of Windumanoth magazine

Noticias literatura 29-4

Imaginary Geographies is the theme of this novel contest

Noticias Literatura 15-4

A call for pumpkins (suspense stories) for the 36th annual Pumpkins in the Storage Room and submission rules for the UPC narration prize

Noticias Literatura 8-4

Apache editions releases, a new contest and online presentations - with translation - to help you while away the hours

Noticias Literatura 1-4

Alex Marín Canals wins the third City of Knowledge Award; Pulpture Editions calls for submissions

Noticias Literatura 25-3

Publisher offers free stories for virus shut-ins; Tartarus magazine opens Apocalypse anthology to submissions The Tartarus Magazine

Noticias Literatura 18-3

A pair of new anthologies

Noticias Literatura 12-3

A list of currently active magazines, a new anthology and a call for mini fiction

Noticias Literatura 4-3

Two new themed anthology projects are looking for contributions

Noticias Literatura 29-2

Crónica de la presentación en Málaga de "El codo de la Torcaz" de Damián Cordones Crónica de Paco Mancera Romero de la presentación en Málaga...

Noticias Literatura 28-2

“La Tercera Fundación” is the best Spanish language bibliography website