Noticias Literatura 12-9

A review of Windumanoth #10 featuring an interview with Richard Morgan and Tim Pratt and the art of Breogán Álvarez.

Noticias Literatura 9-9

The second issue of MetaHumana magazine is released and an anthology – Scientific Fiction – rounds up the year’s stories from the titular website.

Noticias literatura 26-8

Victor Conde announces two new novels – El beso de Copacati (Dolmen) and 6 a.m. In the marsh at the edge of the universe

Noticias Literatura 15-7

UPV / EHU Faculty of Science and Technology calls for submissions to the XXXII edition of the Alberto Magno Literary Science Fiction Competition: Eduardo Gallego and Guillem Sánchez announce a new novel in their Unicorp series

Noticias Literatura 8-7

The digital magazine Metahumano got such great response with their first issue, they’re now calling for submissions for the second

Noticias Literatura 10-6

An interview with Pablo Loperena, author of “Ciudad Nómada, Rebaño Misería”: Aeternum puts out a call for submissions to EXTRAHUMANS – MUTATIONS

Noticias Literatura 20-5

The response to calls for submissions to the anthology BarrioPunk have been excellent; Omicron Theory magazine accepting submissions; Circle of Lovecraft magazine also calling for submissions

Noticias Literatura 15-4

A call for pumpkins (suspense stories) for the 36th annual Pumpkins in the Storage Room and submission rules for the UPC narration prize

Noticias Literatura 8-4

Apache editions releases, a new contest and online presentations – with translation – to help you while away the hours

Noticias Literatura 25-3

Publisher offers free stories for virus shut-ins; Tartarus magazine opens Apocalypse anthology to submissions

The Tartarus Magazine

Noticias Literatura 29-2

Crónica de la presentación en Málaga de “El codo de la Torcaz” de Damián Cordones Crónica de Paco Mancera Romero de la presentación en Málaga de “El codo de la Torcaz” de Damián Cordones El libro es un producto que se vende, por eso se etiqueta, como cualquier otro producto que se vende. Presentación El […]