AMAZING PEOPLE: Tanya Tynjala’s Novel to be Distributed to an Entire Country’s Schools!

School kids in Peru – you are in for a treat!

tanyaTanya Tynjala has always been a major asset to Amazing Stories, serving not only as one of our regular Spanish language contributors, and not only as our unofficial Ambassador to all Finnish SF things, but also as wrangler of our (growing) Spanish language contingent.

Tanya is also an author of several novels (listed in our Library) one of which was excerpted here (you can read more about Tanya in her multi-language author profile) and

Tanya is one of a few people around the world that can claim that an entire generation of school children will be reading one of her books.

cubierta miercolesLectora de SueñosDream Reader (what a GREAT title) will, this year, have 36,853 copies printed and distributed for free to all of the public schools in Peru.  Tanya is getting paid for this as well (though she does note that Latin American ministries tend to take their time….).

Wow.  I hope her publisher (NORMA from Colombia) will stick in a few promos for her other works, and I hope Tanya can parlay this into a whole new career on the lecture/reading/signing network.  (I just hope there’s enough time left in her day to keep on wrangling.)

Our utmost congratulations and kudos to a wonderful person, a wonderful writer, editor and ambassador!  Amazing Stories is truly honored by her presence and her contributions.

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