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Asni’s Art Blog: A Spin in the TARDIS

Iconic blue police boxes seem to be every where (and every when?). Astrid takes us on a an art tour of the Doctor's preferred mode of transportation.

A Website for the Geek in all of Us

a profile of the GeekTyrant website

Sneak Peak! Page 10 of A Doctor For the Enterprise

A sneak peak at one of the pages of A Doctor For the Enterprise - coming soon!


1977 Doctor Who predicted 2014 real life: Robophobia.

The Time of the Doctor / Death Comes to Pemberley –...

Gary Dalkin reviews an unusual Jenna Louise Coleman set of performances - The Time of the Doctor back-to-back (ion the BBC) with Death Comes To Pemberley

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Isn’t Over Yet!

You'll want to see this: the almost completed cover illustration of David Gerrold's hilarious A Doctor For the Enterprise comic, illustrated by Troy Boyle and coming at you real soon now!

Quatermass II – revisited

Quatermass II is a rare sequel that is an improvement over the original in every respect.

The Quatermass Xperiment – Revisited

In this post I'll look at The Quatermass Xperiment, and next week consider the follow-up, Quatermass 2.

The Week of the Doctor

Just in case you've missed out on all the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary happenings....

Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Episode Was Epic

What could be better than two Doctors on screen? How about THREE?

David Whitaker – Unsung Hero of Doctor Who

Every so often in life, a moment of serendipity occurs when everyone involved in a project creates something marvellous. The birth of Doctor Who, fifty years ago this week, is one of those moments.

London Expo: October, 2013

London Expo October, 2013

Surfing With the Alien

Getting reaquainted with some old friends.

Movie Review: Grabbers (Blu-Ray)

Grabbers has been dismissed in some quarters for not doing anything original. Well most films don’t do anything original, and Grabbers does achieve a couple of things I’ve never seen before.

Fan Fotos

Troy Boyle's illustrations of David Gerrold's forthcoming comic - A Doctor for the Enterprise

After-Action Report: DragonCon 2013, Atlanta, GA

DragonCon is hot, sweaty, tiring, demanding, has endless lines, can feel like a badly-run fire drill – and one of my favorite weekends of all time!

Website review: Doctor Who: the classic series

A survey of Doctor Who websites - official and fan.

A Science Fiction Timeline: Yesterday and Tomorrow

A timeline of the development of science fiction, from one fan's viewpoint.

What the %&*# is Perry Rhodan?

Perry Rhodan is a weekly German science fiction pulp magazine series that has run uninterrupted since 1961. That translates into over two thousand five hundred issues released so far not counting reprints, books and spinoffs. Lets let that sink in for a moment.

Saving Doctor Who – Episode 2: Arcs, Horror and Screwdrivers

Every generation of children has the right to be scared senseless and feel a powerful urge to watch from behind the sofa.

The Dancers at the Edge of Chaos (Part 1)

Walk softly and carry a big, cursed blade

Saving Doctor Who – Episode 1: The Cliffhanger

Could Doctor Who use some changes?

The Geek Test: What’s Your Score?

I believe people of all types should be able to join in geek events and have fun whether they're sufficiently geek credentialed or not, but I wondered how one might one go about quantitatively evaluating "geekiness"

Genre vs. Literary: The SFF Experience

SFF fans are some of the friendliest and smartest people I know. I don’t know how literary writers and fans interact across various platforms.

Bad Robots

Robots are supposed to follow three laws that will maintain their loyalty to humanity. But as we all know, even a bunch of nuts and bolts can go bad. So let’s take a look at some of the bad robots we’ve grown to love.

Comic Review: Star Trek / Doctor Who: Assimilation²

In Star Trek / Doctor Who: Assimilation Squared, we are treated with probably the most accurate comic representations of both TNG and Matt Smith era Doctor Who.

TIME MACHINE: Past Popular Posts

21st Century Pulp Artist There’s Something About Night Vale Interview with SFWA Grand Master Frederik Pohl Review: Destination: Planet Negro What if Every Superman...

Doctor! Doctor Who? Why it’s Peter Capaldi

At last, the new Doctor Who has been revealed. On Sunday night the BBC announced the new casting live across the world in a...

The New Doctor and the Spin Behind It

The BBC is a weird organisation. The night after the first episode of the first series of Doctor Who aired, their news site broke...
Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who

The Name of the Doctor is… Peter

So the excellent actor Peter Capaldi is to play the 12th incarnation of the Doctor. Perhaps with the 50th anniversary of the programme approaching...