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I love being a geek. I wear it like a badge with pride. That said, I don’t remember how I came across my latest favorite website. One of my Facebook friends might have posted a link for one of the stories. I may have come across it on my own while looking for information on cosplay or comic-con. No matter.

The website in question is geektyrant.com (https://geektyrant.com/). I find it fun and informative. There are tons of stories and reviews and news for those who are geeky at heart. And there’s no particular bent towards any one geeky area – movies, anime, graphic novels (or as I still call them – comic books), etc. – are all there for perusing.

There was one particular news item that first caught my eye. I’m a big Dr. Who fan, as well as most of the superhero genre, as well. The article in question discusses the comic art of Stjepan Sejic in which he posits the “what if” that Batman is in fact a Time Lord. Bingo! Satisfies most of my needs for wibbly wobbly timey stuff. I felt like having a cigarette afterwards. You can find the article here: https://geektyrant.com/news/batman-turns-out-to-be-a-time-lord-in-this-hilarious-comic or you can view some of the artwork and story below.

Dr Who Batman

Other items of interest on the site is fan art; trailers for upcoming movies; interviews with actors, directors, etc.; photos for your desktop; cosplay; even techie stuff.

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