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Glowing contact lenses could be the key to stopping diabetic blindness

It's going to get harder and harder to tell the 'bots from the people....

Someday, every piece of a person will be replaceable

As in the previous post...harder and harder...

A new system could bring life-sized holograms to a meeting near...

The pun is inevitable: "tell a human to...what?"

NASA Invests in Shapeshifters, Biobots, Other Visionary Technology

New technology investments by NASA

Review: All the Wonder that Would Be by Stephen Webb

All the Wonder that Would Be by Stephen Webb takes readers into the heart of predictions and expectations as they are or have been portrayed in Science Fiction.

Baidu’s pocket translator is a ‘Star Trek’ dream come to life

Right now, these devices are only available at airports and travel agencies...

Why Would AI be Hostile?

Suzanne Hagelin, the author of Body Suit, asked this question: "Exactly how WOULD computers behave if they became sentinent?"

Could We Recycle the Heaps of Space Junk Around Our Planet?

20,000 pieces of valuable space junk are orbiting the Earth, just waiting to be reclaimed.

‘Alien Zoo’ takes you on a virtual journey through an extraterrestrial...

When they said 'VR' would transport us to new worlds, this Alien Zoo experience might be what they were talking about!

A Renowned Futurist Says We Should Merge With AI to Protect...

Speeches at the world Government Summit in Dubai suggest a POGO solution to the inevitability of artificial intelligence: We has met the AI and he is US!

More Human than Human: The Next Step in AI is Augmenting...

An international conference has determined that the next step in AI evolution should be augmented humans.

VR and the Olympics

VR technology is not only wowing viewers, its also providing the background for new story ideas

Experts Assert That All Nations Should Have a “Minister of AI”

AI Experts suggest that all government have an "AI Czar"

A Fully Solar-Powered Car May Be Hitting the Road by 2019

New solar tech will let you drive around, so you can drive around

Scientists Are Closer to Making Artificial Brains That Operate Like Ours...

New computer switch can 'learn' like brain synapses do.

A New Experiment Aims to Cure Aging Once and for All

Better funding may be the key to the fountain of youth.

For the First Time, Physicists Accelerated Light Beams in Curved Space...

Introducing a better way to study gravitational lensing.

Who really created the Drone?

I discover most of my science in the literature and movie industry. Being an artist, I recognize Leonardo di Vinci as one of the...

NASA’s new X-ray navigation could guide robots through deep space

NASA demonstrates that it can use Pulsars like a GPS satellite system

Russia pushing to partner with NASA on lunar gateway

Speaking of strange partners....

New Calculations May Finally Make Fusion Energy a Reality

We've been disappointed by fusion promises before. Could this be the answer?

Bell flying taxi shows what commuting above the traffic might one...

I sure hope Corbin Dallas's face isn't on the driver's license.

Online supermarket Ocado’s humanoid robot is the factory worker of the...

A robot shall not ring up more than ten items in the ten items or less express lane!

Book Review: AUTONOMOUS (2017)

Steve prepares for a Vancouver visit from Annalee Newitz, whose latest book Autonomous, is reviewed here. He’ll be there, will you?

Laser-boron fusion now ‘leading contender’ for energy

Fusion without radioactive waste!

Stealth Drone Has No Moving Surfaces at All

New stealth drone uses air to change direction...has no control surfaces.

Artificial Organs: We’re Entering an Era Where Transplants Are Obsolete

Experts believe we may be nearing an era where organ transplantation will no longer be necessary

How-To: Building a Dyson Sphere

Start with a ring world....