Who really created the Drone?

I discover most of my science in the literature and movie industry. Being an artist, I recognize Leonardo di Vinci as one of the world’s greatest visionaries. When a fellow director I work with sent me this link about the Ehang 184, which the Chinese developed, I just had to look.

The drone is created by Nissan. The video describes the vehicle in detail, takes you inside, and then transfers you over to the control station and you get to see it fly. If you continue watching YouTube, (7 passenger drones ) you’ll find a collection of more drones which look strangely familiar and which are being developed. They look like they just floated out of a science fiction movie!

We’ve seen them all before in just about every dystopia and super power film made, and now science is developing them and making them into a reality. I find it simply amazing that the idea for these vehicles were originally created by authors and artists, who are the visionaries of the future. In one way or another, you and I have been witness to that phenomena. Someone writes crazy idea and then the next thing you know it happens, or is being made, or discovered. Yet our society disregards the arts in schools, classifying them as hobbies and electives rather than encouraging those studies so that young minds will use their imaginations.

I find it fascinating, for one example, that a science fiction novel was written about the largest ship in the world and in that book, the ship sank. The book was titled “The Wreck of the Titan” and was published in 1898, fourteen years before the sinking of the Titanic.

Without a vision…

It’s all relative.


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