Bigfoot Does not Exist and Chewbacca Cosplay Proves it!


I assert that Bigfoot, the mythical creature that is purported to haunt the forests of North America, is just that; mythical. Bigfoot does not exist. Furthermore I can prove it using two simple things – logic and Chewbacca cosplay.

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch is, as most people know, a hominid or ape-like creature usually described as large, hairy and bipedal. Bigfoot or Sasquatch is thought to inhabit the deep forests of North America, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region, although he has been spotted as far north British Columbia and as far south as California.

Stories of the Wildman have been part of the folklore of native North Americans in the Pacific Northwest region for centuries. Similar stories of wildmen are found most every continent. Some have argued that most cultures have human-like giants in their folk history. Stories of encounters with Bigfoot by white men go back to the 1920’s. Plaster casts of footprints presented as evidence were soon supplanted by photographs, the most notorious of which is the Patterson film, a grainy 16 mm film of an ape-like bipedal creature.

Many claim that Bigfoot is real and that he is out there and it is only a matter of time before he is found. To this I say; nonesense! Here’s why;

Creatures evolve. The process of evolution involves tiny errors during replication of a creature`s DNA. A simple copying error over millions of years can result in the creation of a whole new species. But it takes time. A lot of time. At any given time a species that has been the result of evolutionary processes all look pretty similar. Species will not change in fundamental ways over a hundred years or even a thousand. It takes much more time than that.

Let`s take a black bear. A black bear at this time, or even at any time in the last hundred or so years, looks the same. A black bear from Alaska is virtually indistinguishable from a black bear from British Columbia or its counterpart in California.




Tongass Black Bear

Let`s look at a deer. A white tailed deer from Alaska, one from British Columbia, even one from Russia will have minor variations in fur patterns and colouring but is essentially the same creature. It`s skeletal structure, its musculature is virtually unchanged from country to country.

MDJacksonBigfootDeerEurop MDJacksonBigfootDeerRussia MDJacksonBigfootDNA

Now let’s take a look at some purportedly authentic pictures of bigfoot.

Here’s a frame from the infamous Patterson Film shot in California in 1967:


Here’s a picture of a Bigfoot supposedly killed in Texas:


Here is a picture of a Bigfoot photographed in Northern British Columbia:


And here’s another one from the same area:


They’re wildly different. If there is such a creature in existence then why such a variation in physiognomy?

My answer is for the same reason that there is such a wild difference in Chewbacca costumes from cosplayers all around the world. Here are some examples:

MDJacksonBigfootCB1 MDJacksonBigfootCB2 MDJacksonBigfootCB3 MDJacksonBigfootCB4

See? There is variation among the different Chewbacca costumes. Almost as much variation as there is between one bigfoot photo and another. The cosplayers, through small differences in technique, in materials and individual artistry, creates a unique costume that is unminstakably his/hers… and the cosplayer even has a template to follow!


The Bigfoot hoaxer (let’s call a spade a spade here, folks) displays the same variation for the same reason. He or she creates a “Bigfoot” and these variations come from the differences in technique, in available materials and from having to imagine what the creature would look like.

I know some believers will argue that since Bigfoot is closer to human than most animals that a variation of facial features is to be expected. After all, no two human beings outside of fraternal twins are exactly identical. To that I say; nonesense!

Bigfoot, in order to exist for so long without being documented, would have to have such a small population as to be almost genetically unviable. That kind of genetic variation amongst such a miniscule breeding population would be impossible.

Tell me I’m wrong if you want. After all, I’m not a geneticist or a biologist. I’m just an artist and sometimes a writer. What do I know? Only what I see. And what I see is pretty clear to me. Bigfoot does not exist because Chewbacca cosplay.


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  1. “After all, no two human beings outside of fraternal twins are exactly identical.”
    Fraternal twins are not identical they can even be of different sexes because they come from two different fertilized eggs. The term you are looking for is … surprisingly… identical twins. They are “identical” because they come from the same fertilized egg that splits.

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