Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Isn’t Over Yet!

This just in!  Troy Boyle’s cover for David Gerrold’s A Doctor For the Enterprise!

whotrekcoverfincolorsmall with trademark

It’s not quite finished (credits and such need to be added) but –

WHO CARES!?!  Isn’t that gorgeous!  I mean, you just can’t beat Spock’s raised eyebrow now, can you?*  Except maybe you can with that mini-Enterprise shimmering between the Doctor’s hands.

And what about all those cute, fuzzy, cooing tribbles floating around on that Whovian floor!

Indeed.  What about all those tribbles?  And what the heck is Doctor Who doing invading Trek space?  (Or is it Kirk and Spock invading Who space?)

You know what I’m going to say next, right?


Only one way to get your hands on what may well be the crowning glory of the first and ONLY Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration –

by purchasing one of the few available copies of this limited edition, David Gerrold scripted, Troy Boyle illustrated, one-of-a-kind and never-to-be-reproduced, FIRST EVER comic from Amazing Stories!

Details about which will shortly be forthcoming, here and in many other fine places on the internet.

A handful of (extremely) lucky Trek and Who fans are going to make themselves the proud owners of this very special, very funny, beautifully illustrated and awesomely written numbered, limited edition comic by ordering a copy the moment its availability is announced (which should be in just a few short days).  Bringing this project to fruition has not been an easy task; the stories behind realizing Amazing Stories’ first ever comic (not to mention its return to publishing fiction) would easily fill a making-of DVD (maybe even a 2 disc set!).

But one thing is for sure: There are a LOT more fans who want a copy than will be able to get a copy.

The earlier you get your order in, the lower your number will be;  and when they’re gone, they’ll be GONE.  Don’t get stuck paying a fortune at auction for a used copy!

How much more can we tease?

LOTS!  But we won’t.  It’s just difficult to restrain ourselves as we’re just so terribly excited about this book’s impending release.  You should be too!

*(I have to say that Amazing’s logo over the Doctor, Kirk and Spock just makes me all fluttery inside!)


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